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What with the Almighty showering me with gifts from every angle,this season, i'll be showering my blog and my beautiful readers with haul posts too! :)
What with so many things tied up this season, It is becoming very difficult for me to click pics of my hauls and post them here. But, as you all know, I am a blogaholic and trying to keep me away from my blog will make me go mad! So, no matter however hard it is, I'll try posting every interesting  thing of my life here...

Remember I mentioned about my membership with in a couple of my posts? Well, after three months of scrap-booking for them, it was finally time to splurge on something from their awesome website. I am really being truthful here when I say I had an unsatisfactory experience, but I think that was solely my own mistake! I shopped for Cartlon London shoes worth 2995/- and *curse the hells* I chose the wrong size(their size chart was confusing!) and they didn't accept the return as I was shopping from my credits *sobs*...

Anyways, I am mentioning it here so that my cupcakes don't repeat that same mistake! Online shopping is real fun but you should know some simple rules and tricks...and for that, you need to read blogs like Confessions of a stillettomaniac! *winks*

So, I bought these bags along with the shoes which *thanks the Almighty* didn't turn up disappointing at all! I really love the versatile collection at and will surely shop from them in future but one things for sure! I am NEVER buying shoes online!....and even if do, I'll shop only for flats, and wedges!

Now coming to my bag haul, the shipping at is apt. I received my order within six days of placing the order, well not that great, but yes-satisfactory! The packaging was cool! I am In love with the Lime colored box! ^_^

The order arrived by airmail. There were no damages.

I bought two bags- One for Mum and one for me.
 I had ordered this bag in maroon colour(as that's what it showed on their website) but they sent me red colour. No offence here as I think red looks more gorgeous!

 Like 'em? I am loving them! The above one is mine, the other one's Mum's!

The above bag details
Type-Red textured tote
Colour- Red
The above Bag Details
Type-Chic red bag

So, all in all, it was a wonderful haul! I am loving it....

Which one is your favorite? :)


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  1. hey I purchased a slipper and a dangler rorm Limeroad.. its so cool that I received in time. i m loving it. and yes we should be careful to choose the sizes. at times its bit confusing too. I ll try to post the pics of my limeroad haul someday soon :)

  2. Yeah, I remember that Bushra! And even the one above has mentioned me that (winks at Rat). But, due to my very less time now, I could not though will save this one for future .
    The bag looks so lovely and that's so nice of you getting one for your Mum :) ...have a great time together with those cute bags !!

  3. [ Smiles ] Once you are comfortable shopping online, you are going to have a great time; pus it saves you the hassle.

  4. love the bags! following u now! Ru on bloglovin?

  5. Totally love the bags bush! The truly look gorgeous.

  6. Way to go and enjoy all the gifts coming your way :)

  7. bag..great choice sweetie
    My recent one :

  8. Hey these are lovely!!
    have you you added you blog on my link your blog section ??

  9. Some1 Has Been Shopping Quite a Lot Lately :P

    I Love The Bags But I Found it Bad That The Shoes Couldn't Be Returned Due To Credits Policy :-/

    The Lime Box is Really Cute :D

  10. Online Shopping is really awesome :)

  11. full of life and bombarded with colors...definetely a feel good blog :)

  12. Sizes are pretty scary.. I have ordered a couple of boots from different sites. . Waiting to get them.. kinda nervous! ! Love the bag ♥

  13. I love shopping online. My favorite are Myntra and Voonik. While its good that Voonik shows me only the stylist-handpicked stuff that suits me, it lacks the social lookbook feature. Their android app is much more interesting than the website though.


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