It's My first Blogoversary - YAY!


After twelve months, fifty two weeks, three sixty five days and God knows how many minutes of blogging, finally my blog is one year old now. Yahooooooo!! *Drum Rolls*

I don't know what to say, 
All I can say is Yay Yay Yay..!

Let me keep it short yet crisp! On this joy-filled moment I would like to thank:
*YOU yes, YOU for being a part of my blog, for making this possible...if it were not for your support and love, I would have quit blogging long ago!
*Indiblogger.... If there's any reason I enjoy blogging and would never dream of quitting it, it's Indiblogger!
*My lovely sisters Zooni and Najm. They ere the ones who introiduced me to blogging... Love you both!
*My friends, Megha, Heena, Nitesh, Ritesh, Harsha, Ashish... your comments never fail to spread a BIG smile on my face!
*Also a BIG thank you to my mute readers...I know you are reading this right now, it's lovely to have you here! *winks*

You all have no idea how happy you make me when you drop by! *Very very happy wala dance*

To celebrate this day I have already kept two giveaways out of which one is already over and one - a BIG one is still going on! So don't miss it my cupcakes!

....and should I add that I am so freaking happy today that I have decided to part from a large number of my treasures?! (Irony baby!) Haha...yes friends! On the 27th, I'll be holding a BIG BLOG SALE where I will be selling off everything pretty which belongs to my *don't use just collection* at half price! Say Yayeeee!

What's more! Just stay connected - it'll make me happy! *Lungi dance* :P

P.S - I thought I should share my favorite posts to date but realized that if I do so, the list will never end as I TOTALLY every thing I write! *self obsessed wala hair flip* So why don't you just catch up my recent posts and show me your love there?!! :D *Hi5*

Love and hugs,
E-mail -

You can enter the ongoing giveaway here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Hey Bushra Many Many Happy Returns of the day to your blog... :D,Main dua karta hu ki tumhari blog jiye infinite years... :D.
    And BTW How will u do lungi dance? ;)
    Aur Meri Treat?

    1. Awww...Thank you Harsha :D tne din kahan the yaar ;) Treat? hehe...zaroor zaroor! :D

  2. Congrats. Great going. Wish you greater going ahead.

  3. Congrats Bushra!! :) Keep blogging and let your kid blog grow old with the same happiness. :)

  4. Congratulations and here to many more years of blogging ...

  5. Congrats Bush :) tumhara blog jiye hazaron saal :)

  6. [ Smiles ] Happy first blogoversary, Bushra!

  7. Happy Blogoversary Bushra and Merry Christmas.

    P.S. Your tweet (in the RAafflecopter widget) is more than 140 characters. I edited it a little and tweeted :)

  8. Yaye! Congratulations. Many more anniversaries to come :)

  9. Congrats Bushra! Wish u many more anniversaries!

  10. Bushra, Many Many happy returns for your blog's anniversary. You have indeed created a niche in blogging in just twelve months. May you and your blog prosper and we hope to see lot's more of creativity and shayaris from the great shayara.

  11. 365 days define commitment and passion.. hence congratulations ... from the bottom of my heart! Hope to see you carry your blog - your reflection .. all throughout your life. :)
    Happy Bloggling dear friend !! :)

  12. Congrats Bushra !!! a big YAAAYAAAA for your first bloganniversary..365 candles and let's do the *lungi dance * with stilettos on :-D

  13. Congratulations Bushra. Keep going :)

  14. Woohoo! Hearty congratulations, Bushra! And here's to many more! Keep Blogging! :)

  15. Congratulations!! :)

    - Rahul

  16. So wonderful, Bushra! Many Congratulations, dear :)
    I'll join U in the Lungi Dance & Cake-Eating celebrations! :)
    Keep Blogging & hosting such awesome giveaways!

  17. blogoversary on 28th :)

  18. Congo PongoooOo Bushra \:D/

    Aww.. I'm So Glad Being With You.. You Deserve This Happiness:)

    Your Hard Work, Beautiful Sketches, Lovely Stories Never Go Unnoticed.. :)

  19. Congratulations Bushra.. many more to come :)

  20. =D7 Congratulationsss... Bushra on your blogoversary.
    Kudos for keep it going.
    My first blogoversary is on 1st Jan, but seeing your blog content I feel my blog is so lame...
    Your creative posts and thoughts are Awesome :-bd

  21. Congratulations! :) New follower :)

  22. Sorry i got late. Congrats and hope your blog grow more n more every year. Love u n ur blog :*

  23. *Wolf-whistles* Bushra I adore your blog and I cannot congratulate you enough on your baby's birthday!! ;) May you keep writing in the amazing refreshing content! Always. :)


  24. Thank you everybody... :D I am visibly dancing after reading all your lovely wishes and comments :) Yayiieee... :D

  25. congrats bushra .. wishing you a many more such success :)

  26. Thanx Bush. Loved all the prizes. Happy happy dance!!!!

  27. Blog's birthday seems like your baby's birthday ^_^


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