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Apart from being a Blogaholic and a Shopaholic, I am foodie too(well who isn't! *winks*) From South Indian Bisi Bele Bath to North Indian Aloo Parathas and Chhole Batures, I love eating almost everything which is halaal!

What with my sister's wedding nearing, all my outings and shopping sprees have just increased. While I am truly loving all of it, I feel the only problem is, when I come back home tired and hungry, it becomes very difficult for me to cook food. Thanks to the Internet, I don't have to worry about that anymore because guess what!! A couple of days back I came across this fabulous website called Justeat.in which has solved all my problems. :D
JustEat.in is one of India's largest online food ordering portal and table reservation website.With JustEat by your side, ordering food online has just got better! JustEat offer 2500+ different restaurants across India to
choose from and they also offer amazing coupons and discounts on online payment restaurants.

I have personally avoided ordering food online as I have had experiences where the food comes in when I am no more hungry but that's not the case with JustEat! I am happy to say that I ordered food from JUST EAT on December 6 at 7:00 PM and got a confirmation mail the same moment stating that my order was being processed and I would receive it within forty five minutes. Not before it was 10 minutes to eight there was a knock on the door and voila! There my order was, hot and burning to get inside my hungry stomach!

How it works?
It's very simple! All you have to do is go to JustEat  - select the place you live in - Just eat will show you a number of  hotels available in your area from where you can order - select your choice of hotel - place your order - check out and wait until your food comes walking to you within 45 to 50 minutes! :D

While ordering through JustEat, I would recommend you to choose a good restaurant to order your food from.
When I specified my area at JustEat, I had a very massive list of restaurants to choose from. I chose a vegetarian restaurant called New Chakhle India Dhaba(weird name na?!) The food was real good but very very very spicy! Hence I would recommend you to choose a restaurant which suits your preference.

The best thing about the website is that the customer not only has the option to choose a restaurant of his choice but he can also specify his preferences in the comment box while checking out.
They have this amazing feature where you can specify your preference for eg. 'allergic to peanuts' 'diabetic' and so on and they will keep these things in mind while processing your order. This is something I truly loved!
That's a quick pic I took of my order. All the food items were neatly packed inside hygienic containers and aluminium foils. All of it was burning hot and so very delicious! 

So friends, I really had a wonderful experience at JustEat.in, and I totally recommend this awesome website to all you busy buds!

Now, for the contest:
I have a real fun activity for the contest! :D To participate in the contest all you have to do is:

Check out JustEat.in and tell me what are  "your online food ordering excuses". for example... "I prefer ordering food online because I have my Dad's Cedit card details and password written with me and not the actual card *winks*" OR "I don't wanna waste money on Petrol" etc...
 Drop  in your answer along with your city name in the comment section below. The most Creative and Funny answer wins 500rs worth gift voucher from JustEat.in!

For any queries,contact:
E-mail: Bushrablue01@gmail.com

The contest ends on the 16th of December so hurry up!

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Update: Finally the moment you have all been waiting for! :D Everybody gave beautiful answers, Ranjith,Arish, Maniparna, Megha, Meera - everyone...your answers were real awesome! But sadly as I can choose only one winner.... 

The winner is *drum rolls* 'Anita Explorer'! Congratulations :D Mail me your active e-mail ID at bushrablue01@gmail.com to claim your prize :)

Others, please don't be disheartened as I have many more such fun contests planned for you all :D Just stay connected \m/

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  1. In this fast and changing world, it is easy and helping, if you could get healthy, tasty food just like your home made food. If this is a case, I would order from justeat.in :)

  2. First of all, I love sending for home delivery when I am feeling lazy after putting long hours at work. Before the online placement of order caught up people's fancy, I used to order through phone. Many times that led to miscommunication of order and I used to end up with something different to eat that what I had ordered. Needless to say, I hated that. But with online order system, that issue is resolved. Top it off, nowadays many times eateries such as Dominoes offer special discounts for ordering online. Do I need more reasons to order online? ;)

    PS: I live in Ahmedabad.

  3. Okay! Now this is officially a great review of the website :D I love takeouts too!
    Thanks a lot for letting us know about the contest, will try to write something for it :)

  4. Very nice review, Bushra! :)
    My Online Food Ordering Excuses-
    1. When there is an online Blogging Contest submission last-date, I'd rather work on my entry than spend time in Kitchen!
    2. When my home is getting painted. I can't cook na!
    3. When guests drop in suddenly and there are no veggies/grocery :) Or if I decide to spend time with guests rather than in Kitchen :)
    4. When I'm sick/feeling blue! (all I have to do is order food online & smile coz even I'm a foodie like you!) :)

  5. Well , actually I don't need any excuse to order food online :-P..I just love to eat..:-D..

    Nice review of the site Bushra ..:-)

  6. My online food ordering excuse is i dont have to get ready and spend hours on doing makeup. :D I can eat and enjoy yummy food with my messy hair :)

  7. It's not an excuse, but a safety precaution from me.. Actually, I'm saving lakhs that will be spent on a new house, after I turn my current home to ashes while trying my hands in th kitchenHouses aren't cheap in Bathinda either!

  8. I love my bed and i wanna shop from there!

  9. Nice post, very nicely explained about JustEat, a very useful site indeed. :)

    My online food ordering excuses :-

    Jab ho jaao lazy, naa man kare jaane ka kisi restaurant, iss technology-freak age main betho ghar pe, khaana mangao apne ghar par - kyunki justeat hai, to kahin kyun jaayein! :D

    I'm a foodie and a lazy - sitting on my couch gives me happiness, online ordering gives me being lazy excuses. I've set lazy standards for myself and justeat is just what I've been looking for :D

  10. wow, what a lovely review! i just had my dinner but am hungry again after reading this post. unfortunately, i live in a remote town. so, cannot order online :(

  11. Not available in my location...

  12. Good to know that such a food website exists, even though we prefer to cook at home. Definitely this would help in case of emergencies. Thanks for the post.

  13. Does a rat really need an excuse to nibble? I don't think so.. as long as the food is yummy and served at the doorstep ...;-) And this Rat is from Chennai. Nice review and interesting contest activity, btw :)

  14. great help for the modern day women who hate cooking :D nice !!

  15. A very simple and straightforward answer from me - I hate cooking !!!!!!!

  16. To ensure that others don't think that I am tech challenged and can't order food online :P

  17. Thanks Bushra! *Happy Dance*
    Food makes me prance :)
    Shared detail!

  18. Congrats Anita! You should delete the pic of sambhar. It looks so yum :)

  19. Thanks a lot for sharing the short post in your blog page. online ordering website for takeaways It is truly great and very helpful piece of information. It's really nice and informative post. thanks for sharing...


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