New Love ~ Hot Pink Paprika Handbag


With two months to go for my sissy's wedding, the shopping hoopla has already started! Yayiiieee! The shopaholic in me is visibly dancing with the joy I am experiencing on my every outing... 

I bought this beauty one year ago at Lifestyle store while a sale was going on. Now that I am in ardent need of a good companion for all my shopping sprees, I have brought this bag out of my wardrobe and I am finally using it.... \m/

Just two dates with it(one candle light and one sunlight) and I am SO impressed!!! It's just So purrrfect!!!
 Why I am LOVING it:
*It looks all bulky from the outside but it's SO light weight and easy to carry in actual!
*The Colour makes me Drooooool ^_^ Definitely an eye turner!
*Has loads of zips inside and the designing is super effective
*The lock accessory in the front adds that extra oomph factor to it! O_o
Super cute lock accessory O_o
Inner view (Poor image quality :P)
Back view  ^_^ (Cool innit?!!!)
Gorgeous in and out!
Brand: Paprika
Bought from: Lifestyle store, Bangalore
Price: 1799/- (Got 20% off on the ongoing sale Yay \m/)
Colour: Hot Pink
Are you drooling over it too? Lemme know... ^_^


P.S:Have you checked out the awesome Blog Sale yet?!!!

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  1. So we will see special blog post on your sister's wedding too. :D

    Tell her congratulations from my side..

  2. I am huge fan of Paprika bags. Love their collection n this one too.

  3. Kitna sunder sa bag hai Bush. Loved it. <3

  4. A girl sure loves her pinks ;) Lovely bag hun :)

  5. Such a lovely hot pink colour ! loved it :)

  6. Bold color - the lock and the strap around it remind me so much of Hermes!

  7. What a Lovely Bag! Loved It! :D

  8. Thank you for sharing this.. I learned something from your post. Keep up the good work brushless dc motor design guide


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