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Don't we all love our favorite blog directories like Indiblogger and Blogadda? Have you ever asked yourself why you love these sites so much? Think....there yet? Ah! Yeah, you got me! *winks*

So the answer my friends is Unlimited blog traffic,Contests, contests and contests! *winks*  Ever since I started blogging, these websites have acted like a backbone for my blog. I really can't imagine in what position my blog would be if it wasn't for Indiblogger and Blogadda. Guess what! Now, there's another such website called 'The Blog Bowl' where you can enroll your blog and enjoy blogging away...
Blog Bowl Home page
So, today I am here with some great news for all my fellow bloggers. A new blogging directory called 'The Blog Bowl' has been launched. Excited?!...and guess what! They have just launched an awesome contest in order to promote their website.
The Topic:
The Prizes:
Amazing innit?! Then what are you waiting for?! Go to, Sign up and submit your blog like now! You can go HERE to submit your entry for the contest and know more details about it!

P.S: I have done this post owing to the personal request of my Blogger friend and founder of The Blog Bowl. I am sure you all will really enjoy listing your blog at The Blog Bowl!
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  1. This is great Bushra!! already enrolled !
    Following you too!

  2. Wow i m definitely signing up :)

  3. Hey this is something interesting ! Signing up right away :)

  4. wow, thanks....aajkal bade bade log sab tere dost banne lage hain :p

  5. Wow Bush I'll enroll right away!

  6. Hey thank you, will enroll now


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