Separation Of the Conjoined twins by Apollo Hospitals


Do you remember the soap which aired on Sony TV years ago called 'Amber Dhara?' Well,it was one of my favourite soaps - I would never miss it! The story was so captivating and the thing which actually hooked me until the very end of that serial was the affection and love between the two beautiful conjoined twins, Amber and Dhara.

My young mind would often wonder whether such things really existed... Could two people really be born conjoined? It was not long until I learnt the bitter truth that - Yes! Such cases do exist!

A baby is one of God's best gifts...I have seen my whole family celebrate with joy when my nephew was born... I have seen my sister cry when the little one met with the slightest of harm.... I have felt tears trickle down my own eyes when the kiddo was not feeling well... Now that I have experienced all this, I can say without doubt that indeed a child is a blessing - an angel which is born to spread joy and celebration!
Don't you think twins are just double that joy?! But when they are born conjoint, you can imagine how that joy turns into sorrow...

That's exactly the sorrow which the family of Ericana and Eludi faced when they both were born conjoined! But thanks to Modern health care, all hopes are not lost! As I write this the lovely conjoined twins are being operated by one of world's leading hospitals, Apollo!
Ericana and Eludi are the two twins who were born as Pygopagus conjoins to an African Woman who hails from a small village called ‘Kasumulu’ in Tanzania. After having a cesarean section where the her two children were brought out with great difficulty due to the fact that they were conjoint she was sent to the Mohimbili Hospital in the capital Dar es Salaam by ambulance. At Mohimbili the doctors contacted the health officials for advise regarding further action.Apollo Hospitals Chennai is closely associated with the Tanzanian government by the Save a Child's Heart Initiative (SACHI). The babies were therefore shifted to Apollo Children’s Hospital in Chennai at four and a half months of age.

The babies are now 9 months old and weigh 16 kgs. Apollo Hospital has been taking great care of them and it has been treating them accordingly for the big day which is none other than today! They say that the separation of these babies is a very difficult and mammoth task which could take around 14-16 hours. A team of 20 doctors from the specialties of neurosurgery, plastic surgery, paediatric surgery and paediatric urology are attempting the separation. Dr.Edward Kiely and Dr.Richard Howard both from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London have also been sought to guide and help in the safe separation of these conjoined twins.

Apollo Hospitals are playing a very significant role in giving people a new life all over the world. Let's all wish that they'll achieve success even in this special case of the conjoined twins.

While we know that this will be a real difficult task, come, lets all join our hands together and pray for the safe separation of these two angels!

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  1. I pray that the operation becomes a success :)

  2. lets pray god that everything goes fine!

  3. [ Smiles ] I also pray that their operation turns out to be a successful one!

  4. Prayers! I hope everything is fine by now!

    The Arts & Me

  5. Awww those kids are so cute. Hope everything goes well!

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