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Hello Sweetums!

Before we go any further, let me first share an AWESOME news with you all! My blog has been shortlisted among the TOP TEN Fashion Blogs for the Blogadda Blog Awards. Yes! Yayieeeeeiiieeee! It's a very very very happy wala dance moment for me! 

Please go HERE, share your views, VOTE and help me win! :D 

Now for the post, I am really enjoying scrapbooking at Today I created some cool winter looks and thought why not share some of them with you all! So here I am...

It's the time of the year when an ice cream doesn't melt even if it's not refrigerated! It's so freaking cold in Bangalore, i swear i think hundred times before touching water. The floor feels as if it was just magicked out of Antarctica... Anyways,, all that's not stopping us fashion freaks from staying fit and donning what's 'IN!'

Here are seven awesome looks which you can sport this winter. The links to my scrapbook are given below. You can shop the looks if you find something you love:

1.Fall Winter Fashion
Shop this look HERE

2.The IN look
Shop this look HERE

3.Winter cum Monsoon Look
Shop this look HERE
4.Playing with colours
Shop this look HERE
5.Peach Pretty
Shop this look HERE
6.Winter Must Haves
Shop this look HERE
7.Iced Look
Shop this look HERE

Which is your favorite?


Psst!...and don't forget to check out one of this week's best post: My contest entry for SunSilk

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  1. voted for u :) it's my birthdayyy today bushraaaaa

    1. Thanks sweety :X and Happy happy budday... :)

  2. Already voted! OMG all the dresses are drool worthy. I want themmmmmmmmm!

  3. I love how you go 'bout presenting us your posts :) creative!

  4. [ Smiles ] Bushra, you've got style and a lovely blog.

  5. congrats on your shortlist.. way to go dear..:)
    nice collection in your scrapbook. loving it. :)

  6. congrats bushra :) nice collection n seeing your fashion fantasy .. mujhe kisi ka future bahut dark dikh raha hai ;)

  7. Loved the various collection :)


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