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Today, Internet has become the major medium to connect with people ,share things, obtain information,and carry out several other activities. I myself cannot imagine life without Internet. It has become an important aspect of my life now.

One of the major things which keeps me hooked to the virtual world is my love for reading and sharing.Being a fashion lover myself, I love reading Fashion and Lifestyle blogs. I have a curated list of blogs which I read on a regular basis.

What do I look for in a website?
The things which I look for in a website and which form an ideal website are...

When I am searching for my favourite recipes or Googling out information for an important project, I will go only for websites which I trust content wise. So, the first and foremost thing which builds up a good website is - Good Content. The success of a website firstly and foremostly depends on the quality of it's content.
Blogs with sharp witty stuff attract me a lot. I love reading witty, humorous content, something which I don't come across everyday!

Ease of use is another important aspect which attracts me towards a website. If any website requires me to login even to use a simple app, all I do is close that website! When I am in a hurry, I prefer websites which are easy to access and most importantly, load fast!

>Why do I prefer a fast Loading website?:
Sometimes I feel the need to access the Internet from places which do not have such a high speed broadband so because of the limited access it becomes very difficult and irritating for me to open ago through a website which takes eons to load. Hence, slow loading is always a drop back while fast loading websites are more user friendly and easy to access.

Another important factor which totally attracts me towards a website is its designing! I am girl who often looks for colours and believes that colours can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE! You give me a grey boring website, however good the content, I'll skip it and choose a website with a more vibrant and lively design!
Jam-packed appearances of a website is a let down too. I would anytime prefer a simple and sober looking website over a jam-packed one. Too many posts, ads, images and what not compressed in a single web page is just not welcome!
Templates play a very vital role in developing your website. I never give a miss to a website which has a good template. offers some real beautiful,attractive and effective Wordpress themes. Check it out,buy a theme and help your website succeed NOW!

I heartily believe that the major part of the success of a website depends on its appearance and designing. Good quality images are always appealing and inviting and including them to the posts of your website just gives your website the push it always needed!

The loading Speed:
Slow connectivity is always a drawback! I hate it when websites take ages to load, it irritates me a lot. I like websites which load fast and are low Internet speed friendly. According to survey, 40% of people abandon a web page if it takes more than three second to load.

The next thing which attracts me towards a website is its mobile version feature. The more mobile-user-friendly the website, the better! I often have to travel and while I am doing so, my smartphone comes in handy. I access all my favourite websites in their mobile version. So, having a good mobile version of the website is another thing which makes it stand out among other websites which do not have a proper mobile version.

For the success of a website, the right placement of ads is VERY vital! I find it very irritating and non-user friendly when some websites display their ads on the wrong places. Some websites have these add pop-up windows which pop up right when you are reading the content. I find this very irritating.

The quality of ads is yet another another thing. It's important that a website keeps a track of the ads it's displaying as obnoxious ads and spam ads which scream "This is not a joke, you are a winner CLICK" or "You are our hundredth visitor. CONGRATULATIONS!" and what not are a big let down! They are super annoying!

Now, coming to the websites which I prefer reading regularly, being a fashion and beauty freak myself, I love reading about fashion,beauty and lifestyle blogs. Some of my favorite websites are,,, and

 If I have to choose one website which really stands out from the above list, it has to be I truly love everything about this website!

Why I love the website, Indian Vanity Case?
Inline image 1

1. I love the header of this website! It's so cute, girly and chic -suits the content of the website very well!

Inline image 2
2. The ads at IndianVanityCase have been placed perfectly! Not down as they won't be visible, nor in between the posts which is very annoying but just above the posts and right sidebar! It makes my experience lively and convenient.
Inline image 3

3.The tabs/labels icon on the top makes it very easy o navigate around the whole website. The labelling is very apt and I can easily find all the posts I want to read.
Inline image 4

4.The BEST thing which attracts me towards this blog is the amazing set of pictures!!! Cynthia Z is one of the best photographers I have come across. Every image on her website is a visual treat!

Inline image 5

5.With the help o the Gadgets like recent tabs and popular posts I make it sure I don't miss any post on this website!

All these features and many more make IndianVanityCase one of my favourite websites!

I am looking forward to shift my blog to Wordpress and when I do so, I will buy a beautiful Wordpress theme from Webriti for my lifestyle blog and I wholeheartedly recommend you to do the same!
This is my entry for the Elegant World Wide Web contest at The Blog Bowl

Make My Blog WIN for BlogAdda Awards
My blog has been nominated for the Blogadda Blog Awards.

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  1. Very attractive and well conceived post. This one must win.

    1. Thank you for the compliment Neo :) Glad you liked it \:D/

  2. Nicely done Bushra :)
    Best wishes for the contest.

  3. I Too Love Cynthia's Blog For Her Undying Creativity n Out of The World Pics! But Then Who Doesn't?!

    n Thankooo So So Much For The Mention! Means a Lot :)

    Hope You Win Loadza Prizes :D

    1. Yes, she's sooo creative na! I love her blog and your's too \:D/
      Yayiieee...Thankooo Sweety :)

  4. Wow...itna boring subject ko bhi kitna interesting bana diya tune....when you grow up, you should become a teacher :)

    1. Hehe...aur kitni grow up hojaun? :P Anyways..yeah teacher is a good profession :)

  5. Ayes to all the appreciation above Bushra. All the best for the contest.

  6. U made my day sweety <3 Even i too love ur blog a lot :) Really a great and interesting post. Please mere mail ka reply de de maate :( :/

    1. I love u n your blog Sen! :X :-* Hehehe...Dediya Querida :D

  7. Real valid points neatly presented, Bushra :)
    Like the fashion connection & images.
    Best wishes :)

  8. Very aptly said Bushra and all the best for the contest.

  9. good to know that u know so much about website load time .. if i'm allowed .. please consider changing the background color of your navigation tab both for on hover and selection property .. the current background color #fae608.. see yourself .. it making it less visible .. btw a very nice post all the best for contest .. :)

  10. Awesome post...u r such a sweethrt Bushra. .♡♡

  11. I have to check the placement of ads on my blog. Thanks for pointing this out.

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