Jazz Ring Haul From Pantaloons


 While I love big,funky, cocktail rings, I have never been a fan of everyday wear rings. The reason being, I  feel very uncomfortable to carry on everyday chores wearing rings and yes I hate it when my laptop gets scratches because of silly rings! >_<

But guess what?! Suddenly since a few days or better say since I have started shopping for my Sis's wedding, I am getting addicted to cute everyday wear rings ^_^
So, a few days back, when I visited the Pantaloons store(opposite to Oasis Centre,Bangalore), I couldn't resist picking up this cutie pie from their amazing collection!

I had a lovely experience at Pantaloons store which started away with the guard greeting us(me and my sissys) with a warm 'Namaste' and ended with me heading back home with some real cute accessories.

I had real fun clicking it from every angle :P and not to mention, my hot pink bag and Lous Vitton mirror added as a great background *winks* I am currently obsessed with this face mirror too <3

I really loved the whole collection from JAZZ! Every piece of jewelry was beautiful and elegant. I got this ring on flat 50% off  *balle* *balle* still it costed me 200/- Rs O_o Price hikes I tell you!

Psst! Today is 28th Jan which means there's perfectly one month left for Sissy's wedding O_o Omg! Omg! I still can't believe this is happening... There's a hell lot of shopping left which signifies that there's a hell lot of blogging left too! :D So gear up for a Bridal series on my blog from tomorrow. I surely want to share all the fun and madness with you all *winks*


P.S - I'll be real busy the coming month and to ensure that my blog doesn't go on a sleeping mode, I would be glad to share this place with you all. So, anyone interested in a guest post(It can be related to anything) YOU ARE INVITED! Contact me on the above e-mail ID :D

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