Of Emeralds and Pearls - Haul!


Hello Folks! Before we start let me tell you: I use Grammarly's plagiarize check because if anything's more annoying than Manmohan's silence,it's copy-cats and their xeroxing skills! So if you too don't want perverts to copy your content and brand them as their own, use Grammarly! It's the best Plagiarizing checker which not only checks your content for plagiarism but also points out the grammatical errors and loads of other stuff.
There's so much going on in my life right now and Sissy's wedding tops it all! Blogging regularly has suddenly become a far away dream. I guess it will go on until all this is over and once life reverts back to the normal not-so-fun mode, I'll be able to blog more religiously!

Anyhooo, after sacrificing some rest and taking out time, I am here to show some love to my blog and guess what? It's an another haul post! *Happy happy dance*

Sometimes I feel even Snow White or Cinderella wasn't as blessed as I am. Lol! Weird me and my thoughts. Anyways,lets get to the point now!

A while back my Dad had been on a Foreign Business trip and God bless him! He came back home with loads and loads of goodies for his daughters :D 

Dad never fails to make me feel lucky by showering me and my Sissys with loads and loads of gifts. This time he bought me a gorgeous black textured handbag of some foreign brand and a pouch filled with cute cute CUTE earrings!  

Aren't they so very pretty?! ^_^ Every piece of this jewelry is really adorable and the best part is - they feel like air on my ears! So weightless they are!

Will post pics of the bag once I get time to click some good pics :)

P.S - See the deer cup? It's so cute na?! I won it in Meera's Blogversary contest along with a booty full of chocolates. Thank you so much Meera :)

Email: Bushrablue01@gmail.com

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  1. oh you are so lucky girl. Mashaallah! i love that pink pearly dangler.. my eyes are on it o_O hehe..
    and thanks for the mention deer.. oops dear ;-)

  2. The Pearl Earrings With Bow Are So Cute! And, The Deer Mug..Adorable! *_*

  3. OMG!!!!! These are so so so cute dear :) Loved it all <3

  4. You are so lucky to have such a loving father and such beautiful Pearl Earrings.

  5. Great ones Bushra. All are so pretty :) Enjoy :)

  6. Love the black and white studded ones . So unique ;)

  7. Oww!! So Sweet of Your Dad! Lovely goodies you get :) :)
    and that dear mug is too cute <3

  8. I should buy all these kind of earrings :D Lovely stuff!!

  9. those pearl earrings look so pretty!

  10. Wow.. It's very pretty bushra :)

  11. omg wo blue earrings mujhe chahiye. Stunning accessories Bush. Really awesome <3

  12. all those earring so WOW love 'em all

  13. you're a lucky girl Bushra. My dad gets me great stuff too whenever he has to go outstation ;)

    Perks of being a loving daughter :D

    Defiant Princess

  14. The post was no doubt lovely but I totally loved this line of yours.... "if anything's more annoying than Manmohan's silence,it's copy-cats and their xeroxing skills"! superb I must say!


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