One hour at the Forum Mall


28th of December was a lovely day for me and my siblings. After a long time we all went shopping together. We were headed to Wills Lifestyle as we sisters wanted to treat our Bro to some new clothes. So this time it was an all men clothes shopping spree. 
During our last visit to Forum Mall, we had seen this exclusive Wills Lifestyle store there so we headed there first but unfortunately after struggling between the mad crowd(Christmas time) and questioning some people we got to know that the store has been shifted. *curses* 

Luckily I had taken my camera and got to capture some real beautiful sights at the mall. Forum Mall is always buzzing with one or the other brand engagements, this time there was this program where volunteers were encouraging people to come forward and dance on the stage. 

Here are some glimpses of the mall:
The ceiling was just lovely with cute balls hanging and the castle was simply perfect.
See all busy clicking... I swear crowdy places are annoying.

Chumbak's now in Forum Mall - Yay!
I had no idea Forum had a Mac store :O
The Christmas tree was just lovely. The lights in the stars kept coming and going giving the tree an extraordinary effect.

The collection at Soch is real pretty ^_^
That was the stage where people were dancing

......and should I add that the car parking lot at Forum mall SUCKS big time! It almost spoilt our whole outing. It took us at least half an hour to get our car out of that heck of a Mall. They took us on a BIG Roller coaster ride X( Duh! Anyways, it was a lovely outing. We headed straight to commercial street from that crazy mall. After shopping at the Wills Lifestyle store(let me add here that their collection is so bleh! My bro didn't like a single thing except for a boring formal shirt. They don't even have blazers - and the prices! *faints*) we headed to Reliance Trends and that's how a not so good beginning ended BEAUTIFULLY! Reliance trends had a freaking AWESOME sale going on and everything was just so perfect there! I am in LOVE with Reliance trends now! 

So friends, if you are heading to Forum Mall next time, remember to NOT take your car *curses* unless you want a wonderla experience!....and do NOT forget to drop by Reliance trends. Trust me - you'll love it! *kisses*

Have a beautiful day(err actually night!)

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P.P.S - They are TONS of wedding haul posts coming your way so stay hooked to my blog.

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  1. I too happened to visit Forum mall this Christmas and can't help but agree about the disastrous car parking ! It is more worse than you describe ! HATE ! ~X(
    Nice decorations though. Ans Yes Reliance trends is Drool :D

  2. Wow Mac store :o ek teri pic bhi to le leti!

  3. [ Smiles ] That was lovely, Bushra.

  4. Beautiful decorations at the mall.

  5. That was one hell of a day for sure. Even I have been to forum mall many times when I was back there. Used to hang out there a lot. :D :p
    Anyways a lovely post from a lovely shopaholic. :)

  6. Awesome pictures dear ! Loved your blog .. will definitely vote ! please vote for me in the beauty category

  7. :X Beautifully expressed..
    Nice click but as u say the parking is always a problem !! :((

  8. the black suit is beautiful .. don't sense because of the difference in the discount .. it really is !

  9. glimpse of forum.. nice nice :)
    happy shopping :P

  10. I miss Forum.. it is to be the adda with friends when I was in Bangalore.


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