Shopaholic Confessions ~ New Best Friend


As I sit on my chair,tired and drowsy,
My fingers curse me for forcing them to type.
"Shopping is no child's play!" confesses my mind...

But guess what? I can still manage and prepare myself for another endeavor! How? Oh yeah baby! That's because I have found a new Best Friend <3

When I say flats don't get me wrong by imagining me tying a friendship band to some real estate flat building(V.V poor PJ eh?)...Here by FLATS I mean FOOTWEAR!

I am a true stilettomaniac who has this crazy inkling towards all those gorgeous stilettos but when it comes to shopping, I transform into a Flatomaniac.Period.

Yes folks! Today I'll be sharing my insights on my new bestie - Flat footwear!

Owing to Sissy's approaching wedding, I am spending all most everyday going out on one or the other shopping spree, so, didn't feel like there could be a better time when I could start these series on my blog. 'Shopaholic Confessions' is nothing but a new, quirky and fun series which I have started on my blog where I'll advice you on smart shopping and give you loads of tips to make a note before going out on a shopping spree. So, make sure you don't miss any post from these series by subscribing and staying connected!

Main agenda of this series - Shopping tips, given out in a SHORT,CRISP and CREATIVE way so that you can keep it all in your mind and become a smart shopper! *winks*

Today's Confession - While shopping, flats are your best friends! So, make sure you have that perfect, comfy pair of flats before you are out on a shopping spree!
Just because heels are IN, doesn't mean you should sport them even if your feet protest and bleed! 

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  1. OMG these are so quirky and fun!
    Following you now on GFC, Please follow back to return the support <3

  2. Hehe! You Did Posted These Cute Flats in One of Your Shopping Hauls :) I Actually Wear Heels Rarely..I'm a Sneaker Girl ;)

  3. Lovely sandals.. I swear by flats too.. though some of them have uncomfortable soles that make my heel feel like a rock at the end of the day :(

  4. Hi Bushra, This is my first comment on your blog :-) I had a very bad experience because of not wearing flat footwear. I went to purchase dresses using my first salary for my family.. It was a day long shopping. I hired an auto to reach my hostel at last because of the terrible pain.. After that, I started wearing flats only for shopping..

  5. I have always word Flats everywhere.. they are girl to go.. heels scare me.. I know I would regert within 15 minutes of wearing them.. With blisters, paining squeezed feet of mine. Wanting warm water with salt to comfort them after a night of party


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