Kyun aaj achanak ye bahaar aayi,
Tabiyat me aisi nikhaar aayi,
Ekdamse khilgaye Gulshan ke phool saare,
Chehre pe humare jo muskaan aayi... :) ;)

Psst! Firstly, sincere apologies for not  being regular on this place. *Sorry kaan pakadke* :P Secondly, THANK YOU for hanging around here even though this place is on a sleeping mode! ...and now let me share some tid bits of my current life with you guyz: I am on the moon! This is a totally AMAZING feeling,...uh ok it's not like it's my wedding but  the fact that it's my sissy's has brought enough kick in my life! :D :D :D Feeling so happy and active after a Looooooooong time!!! So MANY new clothes showering from every end, so much work(house painting's going on :/) and not to forget - loads and loads of fun!!! Yay! :D Haul pe haul; chalrai hai( you can check them out on my new blog after a while) To put it in a sentence: "I am in love with my life!" Catch you guyz soon! Gotta go now and start decorating the house as the first batch of guests are due on next Sunday O_o

K Bye.........! :D

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  1. [ Smiles ] It is nice to have you back, Bushra. I was beginning to think that you abandoned your blog.

  2. Enjoy the wedding! Best wishes to your sis!
    Am sure you will have lots to Post soon! :)

  3. Yay! Congratulations! Have a great time in the wedding, oh well, I am sure you will!

  4. Wah wah! Hamare chehre pe bhi muskaan aa gayi :)

  5. Thats a nicest thing to happen...Shopping :D and a Wedding :D

    1. I totally agree with you Raina! What can be better than shopping and a wedding!

  6. The picture goes really well with the lines you have written.

  7. सुंदर रचना. मुस्कान बनी रहे.

  8. You Enjoy Bushra n Have Lots of Fun! That Time Won't Come Again..Gather As Many Memories You Can :)

  9. Hey you have a great blog,would you like to follow each other?? Do let me know on my blog!!
    stay in touch

  10. its so easy to remember ..
    and so tough to forget ...
    and see..
    I am always good at easy jobs..
    while you are best with the tough ones..

    Hows you ? Long time no See ?

  11. what a funny thing.. now even my comment went for approval !! :( well.. looks like I have been categorically put out :(

  12. Ohkkk , so that's the reason of not-so-frequent posts...ahaan! :D
    And Congratulations on your siss's wedding....had loads n loads of fun...:p :D :D
    Coming to your lovely poetic lines...."It's so tough to walk down the memory lane" well put Bushra! :)


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