Some Rants and New Blog Announcement


With not more that twenty five days left for my sister's wedding, I have already started going crazy. No! If you think by crazy I mean crazy and tired of managing stuff for the wedding -you have got me wrong! Here by crazy I mean totally nuts!

It happened for the first time today...

Mum and I were making a list of the guests who should be invited for the wedding and it was when my Mum mentioned about my sister going to her in-law's house forever when my heart skipped a beat...
No! I screamed! But no one heard it... Some kind of weird war had started inside my head and before I could stop myself, I felt warm tears touch my cheeks...damn! I was actually crying! Thankfully Mum didn't notice... I made up some excuse, couched myself on a bed corner and started thinking about things like...

Will it EVER be the same without my sister around?!! The beautiful bond we share... the petty
fights... the countless laughs... sharing the same bed... chatting about everything in the world late into the nights... Oh! I am already missing all of it! :( *sob* *sob* It's going to be really very hard for me... But isn't always so fair right?!!!
Anyways, enough of emotional tantrums, now let me share something which has actually been sticking with me in these tough times of mine(ok I am being a git) So let me not delay the most flabbergasting news...

Pick up your hands high in the air \\ ''// and say HURRAY!!!

My new lifestyle blog>>

It's a lifestyle blog and guess what? The icing on the cake is that, the blog will be run by us three Sissys. Yay! ^_^ It'll stand as an example of the unity and love between the trio!

So, gear up for some awesome stuff from the three musketeers *winks*


P.S - I designed the website so you might want to check it out and give me a feedback :P :D

P.P.S - Please spread the word and show some love to my new baby!!! :D

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  1. Awww It Reminded Me Of My Wedding When My Sister Cried. Such A Beautiful And Warm Post. :)

  2. Feeling of our feelings is important.

  3. Awww........cute post. will check out your new blog.


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