Tangerine Pumps Haul From Shoppers Stop


O_o I know! GORGEOUS na?!!!....and guess what? They are mine! YAYieeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 
Orange is a lemon sold for a penny,
I want to own shoes like these - oh!so many!!

What can possibly spoil a die hard stilettomaniac like me?! The answer is simple...A big fat sale! When I knew the end of season sale at ShopperStop has started I ran barefoot towards the first SS store(OK, not literally!) Once inside the store I did what I always do - made my way straight to the footwear corner. There, while fiddling with some cute footwear and trying my best to not trip over someone in my excitement, I found these, Levi shoes, standing patiently in a luxurious corner, waiting for me to pick them up...

When my eyes fell on them, I was like "Omg! Gimme!Gimme! GIMME!!!!

The price tag did give me a mini heart attack but everything is fair in Love and war right?! ...This was love at first sight! <3

I couldn't resist the urge to click them from every angle...

They are so comfortable! Now gotta buy a dress to match them ^_^ More shopping - Yay! :P

Brand - Lavie
Colour - Tangerine/Orange
Type - Platform Pumps

This is a gift from my second Sis(the Bride to be) I swear I am so lucky to have such caring sisters! Love 'em! <3


P.S - I have some GREAT news for you! I am planning to open a new Lifestyle blog. This blog will be run by me and my Sissys. Currently I am searching for a good name and once I get it, the blog will be Live! So gear up for some more fun and frolic from the trio <3

P.P.S - I was about to start a Bridal series but guess I'll have to wait as seriously! TIME!!! Huh! :/ :D

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  1. oh .. so more shopping .. btw best of luck for starting new blog :)

  2. OMG!!! I picked the same shoes!!! :D

    these are soo gorgeous

  3. [ Smiles ] Tangerine is an extreme colour for shoes; but once it rocks your world, that is fine with me

  4. wow love theses pumps and the nice bright color. Good luck for your new blog

  5. wow..soo pretty n grgs...loved them sweetie

    my recent one :http://www.dbreviews.co.uk/2014/02/freeman-facial-clay-mask-mint-lemon.html

  6. I love your blog

  7. gorgeous shoes! Now I may have to take a visit to shoppers stop! I love the platform.

  8. omg these are so hot. Loved the bright shade <3

  9. Whoa! Bold and Bright Busha! Oh that's B cube!

  10. Whoa! Bold and Bright Busha! Oh that's B cube!

  11. So Gorgeous!! Orange n Happy! Ooh..Lifestyle Blog..Excited B-)

    Ahaha! More Shopping! More Hauls! :D

  12. awesome blog!!!keep in touch
    plz join my blog

  13. My gosh these are supergorgeous! I'm a fellow stilettomaniac so very glad I discovered your blog! :)


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