Any Far For Love...


After watching this beautiful video on Youtube through Indiblogger, a question popped inside my mind, filling my whole being with an alien emotion... The question looked simple but it was hard to answer and harder to bring to action. I sat still without moving a bone as answers started pouring in to my mind...

The question was: How far can you go to get closer to someone you love?
How far?
Can I go?
For Love...

As far as my feet can take me,
Braving the winds of destiny,

I am willing to do whatever it takes,
Ready to cross oceans and lakes.

I'll travel far, I'll travel wide,
Increasing my pace with every stride.

Beyond the shadow of doubt,
I'll travel until my feet tire out.

And if you want more, then I'll go to your heart,
Will stay in there for eternity and never depart.

For you are my rainbow and your heart my shrine,
The colors of your love are truly divine.

There's no limit, any far for love
As far away as you can think of.

I know this is crazy, yes it's crazy and it’s true
Baby, anything for you, anything for you!

This post is my entry for the 'Go further to get closer' contest held by British Airways and Indiblogger.

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  1. Beautiful! Loved it Bushra :) All the best

  2. Awww,,,,,,,,so nice Bushra!
    Good luck.

  3. Really sweet, Bushra! "You are my Rainbow & your heart is my shrine"- wonderful words :)
    Best wishes for the contest!

  4. beautiful .. loved the poem .. all the best for contest :)

  5. lovely! you should write poetry more often :) all the best!

  6. Nice one Bushra...sweet little post..:)

    All the best

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. This can be composed and will be a cool song and ya britney spears shud sing it :)
    good one Bushra

  9. Beautiful, As Always!
    You Never Fail To Touch Others Heart,Bushra! Seriously!


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