Happy without you? No way! No way!


Your ruffling charm fills my heart,
Just your sight makes my worries depart

Your unnerving presence makes me sway,
Happy without you? No way! No way!

As little droplets fall on my palms,
I forget my being and go in a trance,

As your sweet song of thunder falls on my ears,
I sing along and fight my fears,

You teach me to dare, you teach me lessons,
When you are with me, I need no weapons,

You are the music of my life, you bring me peace,
I beam in joy when you embrace me with your breeze

Pleasure is what I get when I let you touch me,
I fall into the sea of delight as you wet me,

Oh God! Bless me with Rain everyday I pray,
Happy without you? No way! No way!
                        - Bushra

[Author's Note - This short blogging break is serving me good but yesterday when it rained after a long time, I couldn't stop myself from penning something down on my long untouched bloggie. [Love you Bloggie! Pinky promise!] Rain can instantly change my mood... Yesterday, when small droplets started falling on my window sill, I was very happy. I instantly opened m,y window, put my hands out and started enjoying every bit of those beautiful moments.]

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