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As many of you already know, I am a big shopaholic. Just the word 'shopping' is enough to brighten my mood anyday! These days I am hooked to online shopping. Gone are the days when I would have to take out time to go out to the mall, pay travel charges to reach the mall, check out the whole collection there and come home with half of my list still pending, before my legs give way. Now all I do is switch on my laptop and shop away from the window to the world!

The joy to shop, until my fingers drop is beyond compare! What with the latest coupons, discounts and deals available on online shopping websites, today, my online shopping sprees have just increased!

On hearing the word shopping, the first word which comes in my mouth is Flipkart and the first thought, discount coupons and cashback from!


What more can a shopaholic wish for?!!!

Why GoPaisa?: There are hundreds of websites who offer coupons, discounts and cashbacks but I prefer Gopaisa because their cashback rate and transaction efficiency is impressive when compared to other websites.

When it comes to shopping, I am a black belt bargainer who looks out for the best deal, best coupon and best discount before placing the order! Websites like Gopaisa have made my tedious work of looking out for best deals and coupons very easy.

The joy of being on time for a BIG festive sale is beyond compare!

This Holi came as a great blessing for me with its innumerable online sales and colourful discounts. I did all of my pre-holiday shopping from Yebhi, Flipkart and Limeroad. I got huge discounts and bargains for all my transactions. What's more! The extra cashback from Gopaisa was like icing on the cake!

Here are some pictures of recent hauls!
Lenovo Laptop from Flipkart
Haute Curry wallet from
Lots of pizzas from Dominos online
So, have you signed up at Gopaisa yet? 

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  1. You know you are going to spoil me :P

  2. too to see that u bought lenovo laptop .. right now its the best company to provide such a spec in laptop at an affordable price :)

  3. Yes we know you are Shopoholiccc

  4. I Wanted To See The Lappy! Which Colour? :P
    And, The Wallet is So Cute! :D

  5. Black belt bragainer! Wow! Good one Bush!

  6. Congratulations nailed this one too..awesome..way to go

  7. Get plenty of Discount Coupons for online Shopping at Amazon and Flipkart at


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