Yo! I am Back!


Hullo my lovely buds! I know it's been a long long time(one month?) since I blogged heartily. What with Sissy's wedding( she's a happy new bride now) and a hundred more reasons which kept me back, I confess - I missed every bit of blogging to the core!

So ladies and gentlemen( I hope I don't sound dramatic over here), to cover up that large dent formed due to inactivity, I have opened an all new blog called BlingSparkle.Com
....and guess what! I bought a domain for it, Yayyyiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!! *lungi dance*

If you have been a religious reader of this blog than you'll know my obsession with bling and sparkles(header hi dekhlo) so its obvious from where the name of my new blog popped out! :D Ok now let me stop being selfish and give you some more interesting news! I have opened this blog in coordination with my lovely sisters <3 . While one of them is the boss of the blog(I mind her kiddo when she's posting on Bling Sparkle), the other, is a happily married new bride!( Let's all wish lot's of happiness and glory to her newly married life :))

What's more! The first contest to mark the birth of BlingSparkle.com is already up on the blog. Don't miss it lovelies. >> Contest - Bling It On and Win!

Lots of love and hugs,

P.S - ....and did I tell you that I will be taking another biggie blogging break shortly? Yes! Yes! It's another WEDDING! *Happy Dance* The whole family's travelling to our native place to wed another couple! So, keep missing me more! :P ;)

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  1. height of self obsession .. who said you are being missed :P jokes apart enjoy :)

    1. Hehe.. :P Yes, osessed I am! ;) Thanks :)

  2. [ Smiles ] Welcome back and best of luck with your new domain!

  3. Congratulations on sis's wedding! And I agree with Ankur we are not missing you...........actually I am.... hoping to see you blogging soon. It's like when i came back from my break basically from my wedding now you have vanished.......anyways I will definitely take part in the contest. :)

    1. Haha.. I know you are ;)
      Well, I missed you when you were inactive too :)
      That's great. Waiting for your entry :)

  4. Woahooo congrats sweety :) Will surely spread the word. Wow another marriage. Coool enjoy babes :*

  5. Welcome back. Will try and take part in the contest. :)

  6. YoOooOo Bushra!! \:D/
    Wohoo..Another Marriage! Which Means a Fun Ride Again!
    'm J Now :|
    *Heading to Check The Conest*

  7. Congrats for the wedding...good to see you back and bouncing about again


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