Book Review: Impulse by Reekrit Serai


BOOK: Impulse
AUTHOR: Reekrit Serai
PUBLISHER: Rumour Books India
GENRE: Short stories
PRICE: 140/-
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Short stories are a big 'NO' for me. I have always been the girl who loves reading her five hundred or so paged lengthy novel sitting on a cot by the window. I was not a fan of short stories until I read this book by Reekrit Serai.
I wasn't aware that this book is a composition of short stories or I wouldn't have laid my hands on it at the first place.
It was only when I opened the book and started reading it that I realized it's a composition of many unique short stories put together in one roof. It turns out that sometimes it's best when things happen the way you don't want them to as I have totally fallen in love with the unique stories of this book.

Every story of this book has a message to give and its different and the stories are distinct and unique in their own ways!
Minus the poor 'editing' which overlooks many grammatical errors and the fact that in the urge of completing all the stories, the essence of 'details' is lost, the book makes for a lovely moral filled read!

"Twenty-Seven", "the cry of success", "anything but love" and "just friends are we?" are some of the stories which took the cake away. These are my favourite stories from this book.
The author creates magic with the words he uses and manages to say a whole story in very little words.

The author has painted the characters of his different short stories with different shades of grey which make this book a wonderful read.

Most of the stories are incomplete where the author leaves the reader to ponder on and complete the scenario by himself.

This book has encouraged me to read other works by this young author which I hear are also best sellers!

Will you enjoy it? : If you are a person who loves reading different, unique, thought provoking, intense and out of the box stories, than this book is just for you!

Verdict: It's short.It's apt. It's engrossing and entertaining!

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  1. [ Smiles ] In The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago; we are allowed to briefly peruse the books on the book-shelve in book-stores before we buy them.

  2. I, on the contrary, love short stories... i didn't know about this compilation...sounds as equally interesting as the other collections that i have read...

  3. I take 1 month to read a book. Will buy this short story book soon !

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  5. Nice blog, great book , thank you for sharing the blog, well done.


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