Tips & Toes D-Fine eyeliner review


I am an eyeliner girl in and out! I can go without lipsticks and eyeshadows anyday but Kohl and eyeliner are a must for me! After experimenting with eyeliners from different brands and loving some of them, I got this chance to lay my hands on the new range of eye liners from Tips and Toes brand.

What instantly caught my eye was the quantity of product( 9 ml) Tips and Toes offered for such a durable price tag. 

The Product: Tips and Toes D-Fine eyeliner comes in a small glass, see through bottle. The transparent feature makes it easy to keep a track on how much of the product is left. 

Consistency: The consistency of the liquid is smooth a flowy which helps it glide like a dream. It doesn't breakout or sting your eyes. 
Texture: The texture of the product is flowy and 
One swipe is enough to last 6-7 hours if you don't wash your face or rub it out manually.

Water Resistant?: Yes! It beautifully resists water and stays put unless its rubbed and removed manually.
Waterproof?: No! Just a few rubs with water will remove it out completely.

Pricing: It's very reasonably priced at 9ml for just Rs 75/-

1.The staying power is quite impressive!
2. Gives a semi-matte finish
3.Water resistant
4. Doesn't clam up
5.Effective thin brush
6. The quantity of product is 9ml (Wow!)
7. Super pocket friendly!

None! For its pricing, it's AWESOME!
Stilettomaniac Rating: 4/5

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  1. I am an eyeliner person Bush and ur review is very helpful!

  2. Wow it sounds amazing that too with such an affordable price!! I would love to try this out! <3

  3. Kohl is must for me..n lipstick too..
    Would love to try this one..great post..

    My recent one :

  4. Wow it is jet black. Woud love to see ur eye looks!

  5. Great blog! Im your new follower! :)


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