Anything for Cricket!


When I was a little girl, I had this crazy phobia towards cricket where I would irk even on hearing the name of it. The reason being, whenever an ODI or a test match would be scheduled, I would have to sacrifice on my favourite Shaktiman and Shakalaka Boom Boom soaps as my cricket stricken family would just not allow me to watch my soaps. However, out of boredom and helplessness as all my friends would also refuse to play with me while a match was on,(That's India baby!) I would have no option other than staring at the screen and convincing myself that the match will end soon.

But as destiny had it, it so happened that on one such day while I was sitting with my family and wishing the match between India and Pakistan would end soon,Pakistan lost a wicket and the interest in the game started to build. It was one of the most interesting matches I had ever watched! After a roller coaster of fun with the score rising higher and the wickets falling, I realized that I was actually biting my nails and praying for team India to win! When the match ended with India winning with a narrow escape, I distributed chocolates to my friends and realized I had had the time of my life! From that day onwards, there was no looking back, and what with IPL games today, I am a cricket girl in and out!

What have I done to make sure I don't miss a single match you ask?!!! Come lets see...

This happened 10 years back when my family had been to Lakheempur, my native place in Lucknow to meet my grandparents. Those were the days when every house in a village did not own a Television. I remember how I had wished I hadn't gone there and had stayed back at home locked in a room with our TV watching the ongoing match. My Grandfather owned a vintage 1960's radio box and after giving it a few kicks, I had managed to tune it to the live match. Half way through the match, when Sachin had just started his game, the Radio went dead, leaving me dead(ok almost at least)

I cried and threw a tantrum but to no use. Finally, my sister(she's a crazy cricket fan too) comforted me saying "Don't worry Bush! That Lajpatwala neighbour uncle has a TV and I can hear the voices of the cricket match coming from his haweli. Come lets go there."

I stared at her, horror-struck.

Watching Lajpatwala neighbour uncle's TV was as distant a dream as actually going to the stadium and meeting Sachin was...and after the fight regarding the rajmahal farms Grandpa had had with him the other day, he would as good as skin us alive if he found us lurking in his house!

But nothing stops cricket crazy fans and if they are women, then double that!
Both of us plucked out some hair from our Grandpa's horse's tail and roped in some of his old pagdis, kurtas and lungis on our heads and body.

When we entered the Lajpat rajmahal haweli, disguised as men(dwarf men to be precise :P),our hearts were beating very fast and we relaxed only at the sight of the ongoing cricket match. Thankfully, no one recognised us, a few men just gave us random who-are these-dwarfs kind of stares(Blame the interesting match which was going on. No attention was on us!) We introduced ourselves as Kallu and Pallu and sat under the big Banyan tree where a few Panchas, villagers and lajpatwala were already gathered, and were half way through watching the match. The television was fastened with a rope on a branch of the tree.

Everything went well....until Sachin hit a six and India won!

Both of us whooped with joy, forgetting to pretend like men and removed the annoying pagdis on our heads and started jumping all around saying "Yay we won!" "Yay we won!"

What happened after that...don't ask! It's a memory I will cherish block all my life! All I can say is "Anything for cricket! Lele tu jaan..."
Apart from this, I have done many other equally crazy things like carrying a pocket radio to school, sneaking to the computer room at school along with my friends, climbing trees to peep into neighbouring windows, secretly enabling the cricket pack in Dad's cell phone and robbing my neighbour's cable line with the help of a needle to make sure I don't miss even a single shot!

Thanks to, today no one will face the difficulties I had to face in my young days. is India's biggest online streaming service for premier league cricket.

StarSports.Com has awesome features like "Fastest scoreboard", "Zip clips", "Action Recap", "Infografix", and "Deferred Live" which make sure busy cricket fans like us don't miss on anything!

"Action Recap" is one feature of which I absolutely love! It makes sure that a part time blogger and a designing student like me who spends half time, helping her Mom in her chores and the other half on her laptop, blogging and learning fashion designing, doesn't miss out on the action and drama which surrounds an IPL match!

This post is a part of Cricket just got better! Activity by in association with

*All the sketches in the post are my work.

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  1. Aww..i love watching cricket with my hubby...lovely post sweetie...njoying Ipl these days...

    My recent one :

    How r u dear ?? Long time

  2. Good one..!! Loved reading that....!

  3. lovely post bush. I feel so bored in watching cricket!

  4. Very well written post...enjoyed reading about your adventures :)

  5. Hi Bush. I know that you're not much into cricket. So, I would say this must have been one of the more challenging contests for you. And like always, you have done an impressive job.

    PS- You are the best unprofessional sketcher in the world

  6. nice job bushra .. good to see you back little shayara :)

  7. Shaktimaan! Eeeee... I Miss It!
    I Loved Watching Cricket.. But As Soon as Rahul Dravid Retired, I Lost Interest :P (

    The Sketches Are B'ful!!

  8. Well written post and it really tells us how each one of us try or tried to access cricket till date.

    Wish you all the best for this contest.

    Have a nice day.


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