A hair affair with TRESemme split Remedy...


It was a beautiful day but thanks to Edward Cullen, I was in a bad mood! We were getting along great until he invited me on a valentine date on the coming friday. Was I unhappy? No! This was real thrilling news, infact this was what I had wished for from the day I had met him. But the fact that was worrying me was my hair.

Until I met Edward, I used to get regular hair trims to keep split ends at bay. But he loved long hair and something about his lovely compliments and that sweet smile he gave me looking at my long tresses, just didn't encourage me to cut them short.

Today it was he who pointed out that my hair were not as beautiful and smooth as they were before. Thanks to the split ends, this was the first anti-compliment I had received from him. Now the only way out was cutting my hair short which I am sure would upset Edward!

To get a mood change, I read my favourite Harry potter book. While reading it, a sudden thought crossed me: Wouldn't it be great if we could make a hair potion?!! My thoughts drifted towards fairytales, from Harry potter and Cinderella to Rapunzel.....and I fell asleep.
It was a lovely dream! A beautiful woman with a river long mane of gorgeous golden tresses was letting her hair down the bewitched castle to help a sauve Prince climb to her.

After chatting and flirting with Rapunzel for a while, the Prince climbed down the castle again using her beautiful hair.

I couldn't help my curiosity and shouted "RAPUNZEL RAPUNZEL" when the prince was gone. She smiled at me and let her hair down saying "Climb Bushra".

I climbed nervously and stood paralyzed for a while on the terrace, staring at those gorgeous, long golden tresses.

"Rapunzel what's the secret of your Split end free hair?" I asked "Please tell me! I want to charm my Prince too!"

To this the beautiful lady broke into a song:

"I have hair so gorgeous, shiny and long
The Prince can climb them, they are so strong

I never cut them short with the fear of split ends,
My shiny long tresses are envied by all my friends

I'll tell you the secret, you can have them too,
The answer is TRESemme` split remedy shampoo

Come sing along with me she said...

"TRESemme TRESemme you are so awesome, you are a dream come true, my mother and sister are gonna love you too---tra -la -la... WAKEUP!!!!

It was Mum! I jolted upright on my bed only to find Mum standing along my bed, staring at me.
"What's up with you girl! I swear you are going crazy about hair. Calling out names of shampoos in dreams?!!! Get up and get ready for breakfast."

I was too excited and shocked at the same time to say something and I silently obeyed her. Through the entire breakfast the only thing which went in mind was TRESemme and like a dream come true I received my sample from Indiblogger to try out the new range of TRESemme and share my experience :)

Here's how I felt about the Shampoo+Conditioner duo:
To start with, when it comes to shampoos and conditioners, TRESemme is my favourite brand. I love the smooth and shine range from TRESemme! The new range is as promising and exciting as the previous ranges by TRESemme!
The packaging is classy and sturdy! The 'Press to open' casps on the bottles are both convenient and travel friendly.The shampoo comes in a classy black bottle while the conditioner comes in a creamy white bottle which is a perfect replica of the shampoo except for its color.

The contents of both the shampoo and conditioner are pearly white and heavenly smelling liquids! The conditioner is a bit thicker in density compared to the shampoo. The scent is mild and not overpowering - reminds you of luxury products!

What about the split-ends? Do they have any effect? Yes! Rapunzel was right.... ;)
After three regular washes, I did notice that the shampoo had started its magic. The brittled splits were getting softer and behaved. It was not much but still it was a miracle!
I suggest for REAL results, you use both the shampoo and conditioner duo together. I am using the range after a hair cut and I don't think I'll be chopping off my tresses for a long time from now :)
All in all, the product is awesome but does not hold the "no split-ends within 3 washes" claim true! For better results, I would advise you to first get yourself a quick hair trim, get rid of those split ends first and then start using this range from TRESemme -It will work wonders! :D

So next time I  meet Rapuzel in my dreams, I'll let her know she was right and I'll flaunt my own long hair to her. Meanwhile, you all don't forget to try this duo! Are you game? ;)

Stay split-end free,

Psst! Don't you want to know what was Edward Cullen's reaction on our date? He gaped at my split-end free hair and said "Wow! I bet  Bella will be jealous of your hair!"

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  1. Ah the good old Edward and Bella tale , but loved how you added the twist and made it your own :)
    Do I here some angry warewolves ??
    Loved how detailed your review was
    All the best !

  2. Ah the good old Edward and Bella tale , but loved how you added the twist and made it your own :)
    Do I here some angry warewolves ??
    Loved how detailed your review was
    All the best !

  3. Thank God, my husband likes short hair. Loved the way how you included the verse when you asked her for hair remedy. Good luck!

  4. Great one...loved the way you've made the twists.. :-) best of luck..


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