Caught in the Tsunami of tastes!


Living in Paris had proved to be a torture. It had been just a week but I was missing my family,my friends,the Bangalorean weather, the house, the neighbours, the what not and of course - FOOD, Indian food!!

My spice-loving, taste demanding, very spicily pampered taste buds had simply refused to accept the sudden change of supplements which were shoved at them. Like me, even they were craving for Indian food!

Right from the spicy South Indian Masala dosa, Bisi bele bath and pulao to mouth watering North Indian Chola batora, Aloo parotha and Pani puri, I missed every Indian dish!

Just when I had broken down on the phone and poured my heart out to Mom, insisting to talk Dad into changing my degree plans to a suitable college back in India, she had soothed me and given me Maria Maasi, my aunt's address here in Paris.

"Be brave beta. Dad's proud of your scholarship, you don't want to led down the family just for food" She said that so easily, if only she knew what it actually meant...

"...and besides Maria will take good care of you. You can hop to her house whenever you need a treat" she had continued soothingly and before I knew it, I was seated in one of the comfortable couches of Maria Maasi's home, electrified with the swarm of different aromas from the kitchen which hit me and teased my nose, giving my hunger pangs a pretty bad waiting time - oh how I had missed this kind of food!

The first swarm of aroma had caught me as soon as I had entered the house, the soothing fragrance of cardamom and laung with a hint of tez patta had made it difficult for me to answer the questions my maasi and bhaiya were asking me enthusiastically.

Not able to hold myself "what's for dinner Maasi?" I blurted. She laughed and answered "Biryani dear. It's still simmering, taking a lot of time isn't it?! let me check" she kissed my forehead and went inside the kitchen to check out.

A voice in my head said, Holy shit! I can devour that whole dish in one go, done or not, I don't care! I quickly kicked that voice. Behave Bushra! Behave!

It was a Tsunami of mixed scents, each of it, irresistible, mesmerizing and pure deadly! There was the soft tickling smell of fresh Basmati rice, the intoxicating aroma of different spices, the sheer essence of rose water, the knee curling scent of fresh mint leaves simmered in water and the unavoidable aroma of cooked chicken.

As the unnerving smells tickled my nostrils again and again, I stood up and strode towards the kitchen, unable to crucify my hunger pangs any longer.

"It's done now beta. Come help me get the dining table ready" My Maasi told me, much to my pleasure.
My eyes lingered toward the different dishes Maasi had made and my heart skipped a beat - Pani puri, Biryani, and oh! oh! oh! Gulab Jamun!!!!!! Maasi stared at me as I took the dish from her hand and danced it out to the dining table. God! So much for Sanity!

Each serving was heavenly, an engulfing Tsunami of tastes. Every time a spoonful of the Biryani went inside my mouth, I moaned with pleasure, alien to the world around me. After quickly devouring the dish, I shifted my lusty eyes towards the bowl of Gulab Jamuns which I had been secretly eyeing since the time I had placed it on the table. The moment I I took a bite of the round brown coloured pleasure, my tongue was rewarded with the flood of sweet syrup. It melted in my mouth like a dream, India I love you! I muttered under my breath.

 Next I went for the plate of pani puri....Everything from the cackling sound of the gol puri to the refreshing cold minty and spicy water was jaw dropping about it, ah- pure bliss!

I had never seen such pretty glassware in which the dishes which had just satiated my mouth sat(half empty of course) Inspite of my selfish distractions, I had noticed the classy and intricate, pretty utensils Maasi owned.

 "What brand are these Maasi?" I asked, pointing at a real cute serving plate filled with piping hot Biryani which appeared to be made of pure borosilicate and a Jug full of mouth watering juice. "They look real pretty!"

"BOROSIL" she replied, a hint of pride in her voice, "Bought them from MyBorosil.Com. Lovely aren't they?!"

"Not just lovely Maasi, they are amazing!" I replied picking up another glass bowl and examining it.

"Yup! Wait until you know that all of them are microwaveable! I cook, serve, store and reheat in the same utensil" she winked at me.

Luckily, after that day, I didn't have to worry about food as whenever my taste buds plunged me, I made a visit to my aunt's house and she would pamper me with delicious food served in more delicious looking glassware from BOROSIL! :)

This post is my first entry for the 'Beautiful Food' contest held by Indiblogger and BOROSIL.

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