Life before and after Indiblogger


Indiblogger - Ironically a name I wasn't even aware of two years back and a name which is my entire life now!

Today I want to make a confession: If it wasn't for Indiblogger, I wouldn't have ever known what blogging actually meant! If my blog is a success today, the person(or community?) behind it is Indiblogger!

Let me tell you how I came to know about it: Contests! Yes! *Smirks*

There was this Shoppers Stop contest where Indiblogger was giving out shopping vouchers. My sisters(they are loyal members of Indiblogger) used to excitedly discuss the topic and keep creating festive looks for the contest. They were SO excited about the contest that one day, I got irritated and asked them what they were buttering about and not allowing me to concentrate on my fashion designing project - lo! That was it! My sisters explained to me that there was a contest going on on a platform called Indiblogger, where you could win shopping vouchers for free...yes FREE! *Booo...they are lying!* was what I thought, until my sister nudged me and insired me to start a blog and participate in the contest...

Yes! I opened my blog for an Indiblogger contest! :P

From that day, there was no has been a very fruitful and rewarding journey filled with fun, competition, thrill and loads of Blogging!

I never knew I had it in me,
Indiblogger gave me self-confidence...

I never knew it was all about winning,
Indiblogger gave me oppurtunity...

I never knew there was more to blogging than contests,
Indiblogger gave me direction...

I never knew I would be so addicted,
Indiblogger keeps me busy 24/7...

I never knew I was in Love,
Indiblogger is my hero!

Love you Indiblogger!
Your other half,

P.S: This is my first Indispire post :D

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  1. IndiBlogger & IndiBloggers mean a lot to us, Bushra!
    Nice to read your hearty lines :) Best wishes.

  2. One who owns such a beautiful blog must be very beautiful herself..

  3. cute expressions Bushra !!

  4. Good one. :-) Indiblogger is a superb platform !

  5. IB addict :P IB is actually a great platform to nurture your blog and contests are definitely the USP of the website. :)

  6. if there was no indiblogger i wouldnt have met such a sweet n cute person like u :) Loved the post <3

  7. hey ditto me too. i am a blogger today only for Indiblogger and I never knew there was a thing called bloggers a year back.

  8. Sweet and lovely post! I too admire Indiblogger for all it had happened to you as it happened to me. Indiblogger community is what makes this blogging journey fun :)

  9. Like the way you have shown the comparison before and after in the images ! i might as well connect to the who confession thing ! and Yes Indiblogger has changed many blogger life and the way they perceive blogging .. :)

  10. Lovely post bushra.,.Indiblogger rocks!!

  11. :) Indiblogger gave you friends too ... although some are forgotten :)
    awesome post Bush ji :)

  12. Awesome. True that IB is the Facebook of the bloggers. And the picture says it all.

  13. All i can say is that IndiBlogger has been really a very "rewarding" experience for you :P

  14. same feeling all i have :-) thnx for sharing nyc writeup

  15. Best wishes for future Bushra. Hope you win a lot many awards and Indiblogger keep organizing a lot many contests :)

  16. nice post Bushra :)...loved the image illustration....

  17. No wonder the contests love you so much. Since the blog itself started with Indi. Great work, keep that up.


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