Masala Dosa


You remind me of Depp except you are hotter,
Just your thought makes my mouth water...

A bundle of delicacy made of rice,
The best example of taste and spice,

Round in shape, brown in drape,
A delectable dish one can't escape,

Soft and crispy, you are a treat to my senses,
Yet you don't add much to my expenses,

A bite of you frees me off my sorrows,
I savour you, forgetting my tomorrows,

As sweet, tangy and irresistible as a rosa,
You are what they call ~ Masala Dosa!

If you are visiting South India, a dish you should make sure to treat your taste buds to is 'Masala dosa'!
Made up of battered rice, it has just the ingredients which will make your mouth water and stomach crave for more! My love for Masala Dosas began in my college days. When I was a kid, I remember my Mom would bake hot dosas and idlis for breakfast which were served in simple crockery before we left for school. Back then I didn't like dosas much, and I think the dosas being served in simple, 'not-so-impressive' crockery had a lot to do with me disliking them!

Then came the days when I had a change of heart. In my college days, what I disliked, turned out to be what I absolutely loved and savour even today! The fact that the deliciously hot dosas were served in plates made of fresh Banana leaves simply added to the liking factor. This was when I learnt that a simple serving technique could entirely change a person's perspective.

It's called the 'Look good, Taste good' technique!

A pretty serveware like this can instantly transform your 'ok-but-not-that-great' looking Masala Dosa into a splendid, 'Oh-so-WOW-and-DELICIOUS!' looking one.

When it comes to delicious looking food, BOROSIL has just the products which will help you deliver that dream! I am totally in love with their trendy microwaveables which are made of 100% Borosilicate which can be used to cook,serve and reheat in the same utensils.

So next time you hold that special dinner party, friends gathering or just want your every meal to look like a dream, don't forget to use the irresistible products from BOROSIL which will for sure make your food look like an eye candy!

This post is my second entry for the 'Beautiful Food' contest held by Indiblogger and BOROSIL.

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  1. I love the poem apart from the fact that I too love South Indian food

    1. Great! I guess then you are from South India too :) Thank you Ma'am! :)

  2. Aaah...Masala Dosa! . . .nothing can beat the ones given in Saravana Bhavan :)

  3. Hey...I too love masala dosa and cheers for your love for south indian foods :)

  4. Loved d poem...and yummy dosa :))


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