Rajnikanth on a Lungi shopping Spree!


I am a hardcore shopaholic and when it comes to discovering new, awesome, shopping websites, I am always 'IN'! When I shop online, I have to forcefully rely on the little reviews of the products given by buyers who have purchased the products before, which neither satisfies nor guaranties my purchase. The risk is always there! So, from a long time I was on the lookout for a website which would allow me to get an inner look on what all my fashion-frenzy friends have bought so that I could buy those products too! How many times I have asked my friends the details of their outfits! But thankfully, that won't be necessary now because I have finally found out the answer to my endless query - Baggout.Com!

What is Baggout.Com:

You love a dress from Myntra and want to buy it, but the choice of shoes you would like to wear with that dress is available at Flipkart and the jewellery is available at Jabong. It's a whole lotta confusion and compromising time - Agree?!!

Wait! There is an answer! What if you could buy that dress, those accessoories and shoes from the same platform, browse and buy what your fashion frenzy friend bought and even receive extra Cashback while you are at it? Amazing right?!!

Yes, Baggout.Com is one such website which can make this dream possible!

True to its name, Baggout.Com is an online shopping website with a social twist to it! Here, you get to see what your friends have bought from different e-commerce websites and you can buy them too. The real topping on the cake is that you get great discounts and extra Cashback to buy the same product your Friend bought - Cool eh?! It is a one stop shop for buying products which are available across all e-commerce platforms.

Why Baggout.Com:
For it's convenience, fun and distinctness, you just won't be able to resist it! If you don't want to take risks and want to buy the best there is, the answer is Baggout! The mission and vision of the platform is to take power away from marketers of corporates and give it into the hands of real consumers like you and me.

Let alone you and me, it seems like even Superstar Rajnikanth is fascinated with Baggout.com! Turns out that Rajni Sir is making a new film called "Lungi Dance" starring him and a cute newbie damsel. As he will be mostly seen wearing a lungi in the film, he went on a lungi shopping spree. He told me that he actually found an awesome website which perfectly suited his tastes. Remember our Romba Super, distinct macha? Well, he found a Romba super website to shop from- Baggout.Com! When I asked him what he felt about it, here's what he told me:

Then I asked our Super Star to give us a detailed insight on Baggout.Com, and he started describing...

That was when I knew that I had found the website I had been in search of for a long while. Every idea and feature of this website was totally appealing! It was like a cocktail of all the E-commerce  websites served on one lovely platter.

All the Rajni fans,
Don't miss the chance!
Go to Baggout at once!
Make your shopping plans...
Shopping plans, shopping plans, shopping plans!
Shopping plans, shopping plans, shopping plans!

To sum up, Baggout.com is as awesome as Rajnikanth - Distinct, fabulous and totally fun! :D So next time you are shopping, don't forget to go for Baggout, who knows you could actually end up buying what Rajni Sir bought! ;)

P.S: All the sketches in the post are my work. 

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  1. Hahahahahahaha! I can't stop laughing out reading this, Bushra. Funnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    All the very best for the contest! :)

  2. Rajni sir is so Phunnny ! And so are you ! It seems super duper personalities can't keep their hands of their bnak details when it comes to shopping at Baggout ! *wink*

  3. No words to appreciate! Awesome about your thought and presentation; fantastic


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