The Food Planet


There was a knock on the door. Someone was calling my name... but...wait! The voice didn't look human but I had heard it somewhere!

"Jadoo? Wow! What a surprise!" I gasped staring at the three foot alien who had just entered my room. Meeting Jadoo after watching 'Koi Mil Gaya' had been one of my biggest wish and this moment felt like the dream had come true...

"Hi Bushra" He grinned. "I know you wanted to meet me. So I am here. Come let us make this day memorable. I want to take you to a magic land." His blue eyes bulged with excitement.

"Wow! I can't believe this! Have you got your spaceship? Lets travel in it pleaseeeeeee" I pleaded, and before I knew it, we were seated in his mass, green colored spaceship.

The spaceship landed on a beautiful planet which was the shape of a burger, huge and tempting! 

"Welcome to the food world!" Said Jadoo, making me gape at the Burger shaped planet in awe.

As the door to the spaceship opened, the sight of the place made my eyes melt with pleasure!

We were surrounded with a plain of huge mountains, except for the fact that unlike Earth, the mountains were made of huge hot dogs and Sandwiches and several trees made up of cucumbers and gigantic mushrooms and cabbages grew between the Hot Dog mountains, separating each from other. 

The sky was filled with gigantic fruits of every kind which served as hot air balloons, it was a mesmerising sight!

"Wow! This is amazing Jadoo!" I gasped, not able to take my eyes off the colourful display of balloon fruits in the sky.

"Looks like the 'Fruit air balloon season' has started!" Said Jadoo. "Lovely! We are in for a real treat! Come along Bushra. Lets go to the Cheese castle." said Jadoo.

 We started walking on the narrow road..road? ROAD!! WOW! The road was made of fresh spotted Potato peels, narrowed by a gorgeous showcase of trees which held enormous chocolates, pizzas, burgers, and fried Chicken Kababs on either side.

I reached for an extra large Pizza which looked liked it had just had a bath in a cheese pool and devoured it in one go -ah! Delicious!

"Hold it!" Warned Jadoo "Keep some space in there for the real treat. The Cheese castle is almost there!" He said.

"There we are! Isn't it amazing Bush?!!"

"Amazing? This is Heaven Jadoo...a food heaven!" I answered dreamily, gaping at the Gigantic block of Cheese which stood in front of me.

The large cheese holes were covered by doors made up of  hardened chocolate. The castle was decorated with enormous red cherries, hanging as danglers to the chocolate doors and was surrounded by trees - every kind of delicious looking foody trees!

The sight of the castle made my toes curl and a sudden hunger grew inside me. I was so hungry that I wanted to gobble up the whole castle in a one go! God! Why is my stomach so small?! I cursed.

I ran to the nearest cheese door, held it out and buried my hungry fangs into it.

"Aaaaaarrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!" The door cried. What? It could talk? I was confused.....just then, someone kicked me and the dream was broken...

"HAVE YOU GONE NUTS!" My sister was yelling. "You bit my hand so hard. Ouch it hurts so badly!" She glared at me, nursing her hand.

I stared back at her for an instant and suddenly knew what had the chocolate door was actually my sister's hand - damn! I could almost taste it!

There was no Jadoo, no castle, no food, but there was my sister, nursing her hand I had bit so badly and of course - the hunger, extreme hunger!

I mumbled an apology to her and hurried to the kitchen. I couldn't resist the thought of gobbling up a cheese castle but for now anything would do!

There was a delicious looking Pizza in the microwave oven. Yay! I love you Mom! There was something about the pretty serve ware in which the Pizza lay that I truly loved. It was a see through, rectangular, microwaveable, trendy utensil from BOROSIL. Somehow the beauty of the delicious looking pizza which lay inside the pretty utensil made me forget my 'Food planet' dream entirely.

I reheated the pizza in the same utensil from BOROSIL and when done, devoured it up - ah! Bliss!

BOROSIL is a brand which offers lovely, cookware and serve ware which make food look delicious, beautiful and completely irresistible and electronics which help you cook your food effectively! The microwaveable range from BOROSIL can be used to cook, serve and reheat, all in the same utensil. They are a must have in your crockery collection so next time you want to impress, don't forget to use utensils from BOROSIL!

This post is my third entry for the 'Beautiful Food' contest held by Indiblogger and BOROSIL.

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