A letter to my Loved ones


Dear Badges,

I know you are angry with me and your anger is truly justified! For God knows what baseless reasons, i didn't give you all the space you deserved on my blog.

You don't know how miserable I felt whenever I opened my blog and didn't find you all flashing on my sidebar, reminding me of those amazing days when I earned you all.

I know I was mean, and I am sorry, truly, deeply!

I am sorry I didn't give you all the space you deserve...
I am sorry I thought you all will crowd up my blog...
I am sorry I removed you fearing jealousy...
I am sorry I ditched you all because you took time to load...
I am sorry that for a brief period of time I lived without you all...
I am sorry, oh, I am just plain sorry!

I thought piling you all up in a unique page was a good idea but i didn't know it was hurting you all when I did so.

I promise not to treat you all in this way ever again. I am going to have all placed back, flashing and hot on my sidebar.
Please forgive me.

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