A love story


It's sad how a religion portrayed in the wrong way by some people changes the view of an entire community towards it! Being religious is a gift... and a divine one at that! 

I want to share a little story with you...

She was walking on the path, unaware of what future had in store for her.After walking for a long while she realized she was lost.

It was getting dark. Darker.

The first signs of fear started building inside her. She screamed for help, ran as far as she could but couldn't get rid of her enemy~ The dark!

It was her mistake. She had chosen the wrong path.

Life was not like before. She talked but she had lost her smile. She walked but always in darkness. There was no meaning to life and even after trying hard, she couldn't get rid of the darkness.

There was no way out of this absolute hell.

NO! I am going to survive this!  She pledged, a spark of hope lighting inside her. The darkness had engulfed the vision of her eyes but it couldn't reach the vision which had born in her heart.

It was Faith. Faith in Allah.

She knew he was there for her. The one she had always loved... she knew he was watching her from a far distance...

She was aware that there was no place for darkness in a heart which loved him and she knew she did. She loved him like crazy. More than anything in this world...
Parents, family friends all came next...he was the one she loved the most!

"I love you!" she whispered the three magical words, a tear trickled down her eye.

From that day there was no darkness. She had lit the light of his love in her heart and he had responded....like never before!

This is my take on Indispire's current topic!

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  1. well said, Bushra. May this faith in us survive till the end and show us the right path. Include me in your duas this Ramadhan :)

  2. Well written, yes religion is the only hope we sometimes have

  3. i agree when no one helps god is the only hope n he never betrays!

  4. Great post! I agree love for God is religion

  5. well said bushra ! :) its been long since i saw you on my blog ... did you forget or too busy ? :P :P

  6. Nice read indeed....................

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  7. Faith triumphs. Nice story, Bushra :)
    Happy Ramadan to you & your family.


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