An anniversary forgotten!


When it was my first anniversary, I remember celebrating like I had just been born, and ironically, when it was my second anniversary, I totally FORGOT it! Yup! Can you believe it?!

When I had started blogging, wait a minute! Did I tell you I was talking about my Blog's anniversary?! Yeah ~ shoo all other thoughts please!...yes, so, when I started blogging I had promised myself or better say my blog, to celebrate its birth every year dhoomse! >_<

...and here I am, writing this post after what seven months of my blog's anniversary? Yes! It's been seven months and I am giving it a thought now!

It was when Khushboo blogged about her forgotten anniversary in her post that something in me triggered to remember my own and write this post.

Anyways, I guess it's not a big deal unless, along with the anniversary you forget your blog too! 

What's your thought on this? Have you ever forgotten your Blog's birthday?

Do share,

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  1. [ Chuckles ] Happy Belated Anniversary!

  2. Happy Belated Anniversary ...The blog one =))

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Happy Belated Anniversary! so wheres the party

  5. Wohoooooooo how can you forget your baby's bday Bush! Ek giveaway to banta hai :D happy Belated Aniniversary to u n ur blog! I love both of you <3 :*

  6. Happy belated anniversary...remember it duly next time. ... :-D

  7. oh really? I thought you started your blog on 25th Dec 2012 and still there's time for your 2nd blogoversary.. hmm.. anyways. belated 2nd and advanced 3rd anniversary wishes for the Stillettomaniac :) :P Wishes, Bushra :)


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