Between right and wrong: Short fiction


There was a knock on the door. Merissa wondered who it could be at such a late hour. She reached to open the
door and stopped dead when she saw who it was.

"Se..Seyar....!" words failed her. God! He looks so much like him! She remarked in spite of her.

"Mum...I...I am sorry. I shouldn't have left you like that... I promise never to leave you ever again. Just.. please.. forgive me..." Seyar's words trailed off.

"Oh! Oh! My Son!" Cried Merissa hugging her son, whom she was meeting after ten years.

She had always known he would come back to her tomorrow. Tomorrow had come!

Life was back on track and Merissa felt she was in an early Heaven. After all, which mother would not feel so! But there was something which was disturbing Merissa. I must tell him before he finds it out himself! I think he already knows little bit of it....or he would have never left me...

"Mum! I am heading towards the mall. You need any help with your shopping?" Merissa came out of her reverie at her son's words.

"Oh darling, that's very sweet of you! The sugar bottle is empty, if you could just fetch me some..."

"Sure Mom.....but" Seyar hesitated "Isn't the Sugar store far away from the mall?"

"Oh yes son, you don't think you can manage? I really wanted to make your favorite dessert today!" Merissa persisted.

"No probs! See you soon Mum" and Seyar strode away leaving Merissa to drown in her own pool of disturbed thoughts. I hope he understands. Its time he knows.

Until Seyar reached the sugar grocery store he was already in a bad mood. What with a stupid old man who had kept addressing him saying " Seriff, hey! When did you get that haircut" and a big crowd of people in the mall who had stared at him as if he was some Harry Potter, Seyar was already having second thoughts about coming to his Mom's place.

The store, a fine looking high ceiling-ed opening full of sugar of every kind appeared to be empty.

"Hello! Anyone there? I wanted 5 Kgs of Sugar..." Seyar heard his voice echo slightly. Suddenly there was a movement behind him and he turned.

"Whatttttttheee!" Seyar gasped as he stumbled upon a man. When he retrieved from the ground, found his balance and turned towards the man into who he had stumbled - His world turned upside down!

No! This is impossible! Seyar wanted to laugh it out but the sinking feeling in his heart pierced him and all he could do was stare at this six foot long man, or rather say mirror who stood in front of him!

The man had his sleek nose, slightly dimples cheeks, the eyes, the...the..! Oh! He is so much similar to me! It's like we are twins...except he is a bit older... Seyar was too absorbed to speak.

"Welcome to your shop Son" Seriff, the older man said. "You have never known how much I have craved to see you just once.... but your Mom never allowed me... she said you would never accept me as you father" A tear rolled down Seriff's eye.

So it was true! Seyar felt an anger build inside him. Everything his friend had told him about his Mother and this 'man' was true! I should have never come back. He turned abruptly, and walked towards the exit of the store. He heard  a voice call his name No! Don't take my name! He wanted to kill his ears so that he would never hear that voice again.

....and he was running...unaware of the tears which were tickling every corner of his eyes. He ran as much as he could.... far away from him.

Exhausted, he sat beside a large rock. There was a small pool of water beside the rock. He bent down to wash his tear laden face only to see his own reflection in the water below.

A man was staring back at him from the water. How far can you run away from me? The reflection was mocking at him. I am are mine - accept it! 

"NO!" Seyar screamed, punching his own reflection in the water.

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