Black wishlist of a Drama Queen


We all have secret Black passions. I have one too.
I have nurtured this passion from the time I was a little girl, since the DDLJ days...
Ssssh! Don't tell anyone. It's a secret, my blackest, most deepest secret!

 I am a drama queen in and out, and I bet I can score better on screen than a dozen good actresses put together!

Bollywood: What irony it is that the name of my Blackest desire starts with the letter B.
B for Black
B for Bollywood.
B for Bushra -ME!

Ten years ago:
 The sky was black. It was Beautiful! There was no hint of moon or light except for the distant twinkle of tiny stars. My little eyes stared at the black sky, taking in every part of the mesmerizing sight. A star twinkled, making me smile. Oh! How I wish I could touch it! But it was so far away from me. Just like my crush Super star ShahRukh Khan was! "You can see them but never meet them" someone had told me. I was going to change that one day!

I was nine years old when I had first watched Dilwale Dulhaniya Lejayenge, and since the day I had watched it, I had built a secret black passion for Bollywood.

Black is my favourite colour as evrything I desire for is Black and beautiful!

Now what do I desire for you ask? Come let me share my black wish list with you all:
The Black Lady: Swooning and gorgeous in black, this filmfare award is every star's dream. One day when I am a drama queen on screen, I want to win this black beauty for my skills in Bollywood!
A Black Gown: When I walk on the red carpet and towards the stage to receive my black lady, I want to make sure I look gorgeous and I am sure nothing will make the event more memorable than an amazing black designer gown. Black is beautiful, black is talent, and i'll prove this to people by wearing a black gown to receive my filmfare award.

A Black Mike:
When it will finally be THE day for me, I would love to hold that Black mike after receiving my filmfare award and would want to share my story of success with the world, loud and clear!
Black Cameras: Click! Click! Click! Nothing feels better when you stand on the Red carpet, looking all fab and dolled up when the cameras jump at you and Click! The Black camera, captures a star's most treasured moments and spreads the message around the world, far and wide! I love black cameras. Whenever I come across one, it gives me hope and builds up my confidence, promising me a wonderful future.
After all, Bollywood is all about Lights.Camera.Action!
Black shades: When I am famous, a pair of Black shades will become my best friend as I will have to wear them often to avoid fans from following me everywhere I go! They'll act as a shield for me and give me some me time. ....and the fact that they'll look deadly gorgeous on me is a different story altogether!

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  1. This is one beautiful black dominating post ! :D

  2. All the best for the contest , Bushara! Black beauties galore:)

  3. This contest reveals our affair with black. nice post. :)

  4. awesome black wish list!!!!! :)
    love your blog post..

  5. nice post ! all the best for contest :)
    Ye chhori badi drama queen hai :P :P

  6. oh the artist is back in Black
    you are gifted girl,
    all the best!

    1. :D Thanks Disha :D
      *Dil garden garden bole*

  7. ooh, secret black passion unveiled! And, what a dazzling beauty! All the best dear!! :)

  8. Aha! Who doesn't want the Black Beauty- the Filmfare Award, Bushra!
    Great for any Bollywood Fan :)
    Best wishes!


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