Hola! It's Friday!


Play the music, Dance to it
Swing your hands, do the split,

Light the candles, blazing bright,
Make some noise, strike the quiet,

Dance it out, overlooking tomorrows,
Rejuvenate and forget your sorrows,

Sing some songs, make them rhyme,
It's finally Friday, party time! Party time!

The word 'Friday' falls like music on my ears! I love to spend my weekends in leisure, without having to butcher my head at work. Last Friday, I got a promotion at work so I held a weekend bash for all my colleagues and friends at my house.

My friends were visiting my new house for the first time and I was adamant on making it memorable for them!

Every party is incomplete without a quirky theme, and the theme I chose for my party was "Monsoon Splash", one of my favourite themes. I love rain, and I wanted it to be a part of my special party. I and my friends were going to welcome Monsoon in style!

The first thought the word 'Monsoon' brings is Umbrellas and there was no way I wasn't going to use them to decorate my house.

Ceiling Decor:
When a person enters your house, the first place his eyes fall on is the ceiling! So it's important to make the best of your ceiling. Fill life into the ceiling... create magic by draping colourful dupattas, two coloured balloons or something very creative like - Umbrellas!

I started with decorating the ceiling by hanging colourful umbrellas, upside down. When done, the view was magnificent! It looked like a true Monsoon-lover's house!

Wall decor: 
The right walls can instantly brighten up your home and give it a heaven like feel. Make your walls talk. You can do that by using innovative wall stickers, wall papers, trendy mirrors and quirky wall clocks.

I decorated my living room with a sky mist wall paper to go with the ceiling Umbrellas, a trendy cucumulous mirror and wall clock to die for, all from fabFurnish.com.

The Curtains:
Curtains instantly add glamour to the look of a living room so it's important to make the right choice!
If your living room has white walls than go for Silver curtains. They instantly define the look. If you have colored walls than go for curtains in colors which suit the color of your wall best!

I opted for white laced curtains as I wanted to bring the ceiling and the walls in more light. As the walls and ceiling already spoke so much, I wanted the curtains to be plain yet complimenting.

Table Decor:
Every party is incomplete without a delicious dinner and while you are at it, why not give some zing to the otherwise boring tables too?! Decorate the tables with beautiful candles, shimmering platters and cover them with intricate lace sheets.

I gave my dining table a very breath taking feel by placing chandeliers laden with candles, flowers and ribbons on all the four sides. Then I draped the table with coral and white dupattas, letting them hang from the table like long gowns.

The serveware:
It's called the look good, taste good technique! Good food when served in better serveware can do wonders. Serving your food in beautiful, trendy platters can make your food look totally irresistible! 

I was so happy to splurge on some real pretty serveware from FabFurnish.Com. They have the prettiest platters I have ever seen! I am sure my friends will be impressed!

The furniture:
Coming to the most important part of our party-ready home decor, a good party demands, good furniture! The right furniture can do magic to your party. Let your guests relax in trendy couches and rejuvenate in distinct pieces of furniture.

I started with getting rid of my old-fashioned sofa set and replacing it with cute colourful Bean bags the shape of rain drops. This would complement my Monsoon theme perfectly! Then I placed trendy dice shaped sitting furniture in the corners of the house.

Now the games:
A fun party is possible only when you engage your guests with games.Games like treasure hunt are party favourites!

I planned the game and hid small treasures in different corners of my house and penned down the clues for the game on two chits which were to be given to the two teams of my guests.I also arranged for lovely gifts from FabFurnish.com for the winners of the game.

Memoirs for the guests:
Make sure you give your guests memoirs which will make the party more memorable. The memoirs don't have to be expensive, they can anything from a hand made greeting card to a box of personalised chocolates.

I wanted to gift my friends something which would be useful to them and also remind them of our little  fun gathering whenever they used it, so I settled upon gifting them cute Umbrella keychains along with a box of dark chocolates.

The icing on the cake was that I hung the keychains with tags consisting of each of my friend's names, to a table chandelier placed right at the centre. It was fun seeing my fiends hunt for their names and admiring my cute gift.

Other pointers which help make a party successful are good music, soft drinks, and efficient lightening. I lit up my whole living room with candles placed on cake platters. Again, the view was breathtaking! 

Was it all? No! I had always wanted to try it out and when I got the opportunity, I made sure to build a  fun photo frame booth to take pictures with my friends.

A photo frame prop a very fun activity to indulge your guests with. What with it's distinctive, it'll rock your party and make your guests remember it for ages!
....and last but not the least, my attire! When you dress up well, your confidence automatically rises and when you are comfortable in your own skin, you can rule the world!

I didn't want to upset my guests with a dress code so I let them make their own choices. On the contrary, I stuck to the Monsoon theme and wore a flowy pink and white Anarkali gown. I think it totally rocked as I received more compliments than I had received in my entire life!

Here's what I wore for the party:
All in all, it was one hell of an affair which brought all my friends and myself a beautiful night to remember!

What's your idea for a weekend party? Do share!

This post is my entry for the Fab TGIF contest by FabFurnish.Com

Pics for photoshopping taken from FabFurnish,Pinterest and Polyvore.

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