Love at first whiff!


When my North Indian friends heard me say Bisi Bele Bath, they clutched their stomachs and laughed until tears rolled down their eyes...

It was a special outing with my colleagues. I had just got a promotion and the treat was on me. Majority of my friends at office were North Indian, as alien to South Indian food as foreigners were!

At first, one of my friends had suggested we have lunch at Mast Kalandar. She said they served some lovely, mouth watering North Indian dishes. I politely put down her offer, saying the treat was on me and today, I was going to tempt their taste buds to something they had never tasted.

The little objections were visible on their faces but I clearly ignored them, adamant and stubborn as ever.

They finally gave in and we headed to Udupi Sagar instead. Even before settling down on the cozy table the waiter had offered us, I could see my friends' expressions change and give in to the sea of mouth watering aromas we had just walked into.

That was when my another North Indian friend had asked, " Hey Bush! What's your favorite dish by the way? Lets all order the same!" 

"Bisi Bele Bath" I had answered without a second thought, at which, all of them had stared at me for a while and then broken into uncontrollable laughter. 

"Bisi b-e-li Bhatt? Whoa! What on Earth is that now Bush!" Bharthi had exclaimed, still trying to control her laughter.

"Its a South Indian dish. My favorite one. Wait till you taste it..." I grinned. They were in for a real surprise!

"Bysee balee or bisi bhele, whatever it is, can we please order it now? I am starving!" Exclaimed Zuha.

We placed the order Eight plates of Bisi Bele Bath, eight desserts, one large chocolate triple icing cake, one big coke and ten icecreams.

The order was taking a lot of time and we were starving with every second. The pleasant aromas tickling our noses from every nook and corner of the hotel made it difficult for us to carry on our small talk.

When the order finally arrived, one of my friends got up and literally snatched the tray from the waiter's hand and placed it on the table. All of us sniggered and attacked our first plate of Bisi Bele Bath.

Ah! I could hear those moans of pleasure escape the mouths of my friends who were tasting Bisi Bele Bath for the first time.

"Yummmmmm! Wow! How on Earth can something taste so yummy!"
"Ummmm! No wonder this is your fav dish Bush!"
"le! I am going to ask Mum to make it for me when I go back to Lucknow"
"This is a dish to die for!"

All their comments went unheard as I sat galloping my own share of the incredulously amazing dish. As a hot peanut got stuck in one of my tooth, a lovely memory struck me and I smiled, unraveling the beautiful past...

I was in Ninth standard. Our school had just launched a new canteen on the terrace. It was a canteen which was available only for the school staff and the handful of children who got special permission from the Principal stating why their parents could not pack lunch for them. When we had first heard that a new canteen with its own restrictions was being launched on the terrace, we had been very disappointed.

The terrace which already contained a library, a Biology lab and a large study room, or in our case, better say play room, was our favorite place which offered a nice level of privacy and freedom to the high school children who were studying on the floor just below the terrace.

A new canteen only meant a lot of intruders, limited privacy and of-course, a sea of new restrictions!

The terrace was our little Hogwarts, a place which held a swarm of secrets, innumerable mischief, petty fights and whole lot of incidents which were alien to the world below the terrace. Innocent love stories had born and flourished in the study room and the Biology lab which could be easily entered by climbing the short wall.

But our disappointment didn't last for long When the canteen was finally built, it turned out to be an addition to our existing adventure land.

Those were the days when I was introduced to Bisi Bele Bath.

We were having mid term exams and after writing a filthy Maths paper which had left my brain numb, I and my best friend had sneaked to the terrace for a small chat and post-exam gossip.

I had freezed at the door, taking in every bit of the delectable aroma which was tickling and teasing my nose, making me hungrier with every passing second. Lunch was being cooked in the Canteen.

"What on Earth are they cooking?" I had exclaimed. "Bisi Bele Bath for sure!" my friend had replied.

"I want it! I need to eat it or I'll become a zombie!" I had confessed to my friend just when I saw the maid leave the Canteen kitchen and go downstairs.

"Come lets sneak inside and have a look" and that was how two school prefects had stolen food, yes food! ...mind you! Even the best of them can go nuts when placed in a room full of Bisi Bele Bath aromas!

....and anyways, anything is fair in love and war right?! This was at first whiff!

After I had tasted Bisi Bele Bath, there was no stopping! I tried, tried and again tried to learn the hectic recipe of Bisi Bele Bath and finally mastered it in my college days. Now, be it a guest, a friend or a random neighbor, when I am on a cooking spree, I make sure no one who visits my home is left out to a tempting treat of Bisi Bele Bath served in a pretty platter by BOROSIL.

If Bisi Bele Bath is my hero, BOROSIL is the woman behind it! It simply adds to the beauty of the dish, displaying it like an eye candy in it's transparent arms.

You should try the lovely range of glassware, serve ware and cookware from BOROSIL too!


This is my fifth entry for the 'Beautiful Food' contest by BOROSIL and Indiblogger.

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  1. Where is the treat for us?

    1. Lol...I never got a promotion coz, well, I never joined an office :P :D

  2. The terrace was our little Hogwarts :p
    I could not help but quote this line :D
    Gud one and all the best for the competition :)

  3. I have neverd about this Bisi Bele Bath...but whatever it is I want to eat it right now :-/

    Haha grt post...all the best!

  4. Mujhe bhi chhaiye Bisi bele bhat...

    and good luck darling *hugs*

  5. self acclamation ki koi height nai hoti :P :P nice post :)


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