My Love...


We met at our favorite Rendezvous
He was wearing yellow,
Looking hot and tempting,
I could smell him even from a mile,
His presence made my knees weak,
How much I had craved for him!
I had known him since I was a child,
It was love at first sight!
My Mom had introduced us,
Since then, we have been lovers.
I went closer, He was inviting,
Our bodies touched and he kissed me,
Starting with my lips,
Tickling and teasing me,
Then he moved inside my mouth,
My tongue wanted to savor every bit of him,
I quickly swallowed him,
Moving my eyes to the next one,
The next one was more tempting than the first,
Moans escaped my mouth as I savoured my second Noodle! :P

I have been fond of Maggi noodles since I was a little kid. Whenever I am hungry and need a quick feast, Maggi comes to my rescue! I love swallowing the noodles one by one like a one year old kid - makes me nostalgic! :)
Maggi served in serveware from BOROSIL is something I truly can't resist! The serveware from BOROSIL simply increases the beauty of the dish, making it look more beautiful and simply irresistible.

This is my sixth entry for the #BeautifulFood contest by BOROSIL and Indiblogger.

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  1. Moans escaped my mouth as I savoured my second Noodle! ... whoa

  2. Hehehehe...wonderful my cuto :D <3

    Good luck!

  3. Awesome! U gave such a nice twist to the whole Maggi experience!

  4. lovely maggie experience !! 😄😉


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