My Magical Black wishlist


Black is Bold
Black is Beautiful
Black is Power
Black is Mystery
Black is... MAGIC!

Judging from the look of this blog, you might have already got an idea of what a deep connection I share with the colour - BLACK.
While all other colours our pawns, Black is the king! It's the most dignified colour which signifies, power, beauty and mystery.
It's the colour of seduction, sophistication and secrets.

I am a Potterhead who can't think beyond magic, beyond - Harry Potter!
So, when I was asked what my Black wishlist was, these are the things which came in my mind:

1.Black Scar: Yes! I want that Black scar on my forehead! Jet black, like a lightening, I want it tattooed on my forehead which will make me stand out even in a crowd of wizards. I want it to remain on my forehead, as long as I live, reminding me every time I look into the mirror that magic exists and one day I'll receive my letter to Hogwarts...
2.Black invisibility cloak: In the past the closest I have come to being invisible is wearing Black clothe, trying to conceal my body and my thoughts. While it has proved effective to a great extent, given a chance, I would want to be completely invisible. A black invisibility cloak like the one Harry Potter wears is what I wish for! I want to carry out steamy adventures and an invisibility cloak will be the best companion for me.
3.Black wand: Every magical land is incomplete without the use of wands and I want to own one too! It has to be Jet Black and charming just like the 'Elder wand' by Ollivander and has to have mistique magical powers. A wand which obeys me and helps me do magic is what I wish for! It should act on my command, make my spells work and be my magical companion in my steamiest adventures.
4.Black Magic: While some say its a myth and some reality, I want to explore it. I want get to the roots of it, experience it, experiment it and....learn it!
Yes! I want to learn it. Not to use it as a weapon for killing people but to stop others from doing it and to cure those who have been affected by it.
5.A Godfather like Sirius Black: Who doesn't wants to receive presents like a charming 'Firebolt' from a Godfather?! Wouldn't it be amazing if you have a Godfather as caring, mysterious and lovely as Sirius Black! In the book the 'The order of Phoenix, Harry Potter' the character who touched my heart the most was 'Sirius Black' and I would give anything to have have him as my Godfather!

So that was my magical black wishlist which will help me be a wizard and live my dream of Hogwarts!

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  1. A perfect potrer head list ,
    All the best!

  2. A Harry-Potter obsessed wishlist! ;)

    All the best! :D

  3. How I miss Harry.. :-(((((( ...your post again opened the wound ... :-(

  4. i like Sirius Black too.. :)

  5. me too want black invisible cloak!

  6. True Potter-Maniac :) Unusual & Magical list, Bushra!
    Invisibility Cloak & Magic Wand... Dreaming now!
    All the best for the contest :)

  7. I am not much into Harry Potter but Hey nice wishlist!!

  8. The Potter list..yaaaayyy!!

    Good luck! :D

  9. Aaahh Mr. Potter fan i see!


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