Steaming hot Pakodas


Shapeless, mouth watering and irresistible,
I find you totally inviting and delectable,

Hot, spicy tangy, delicious,
Just the thought of you is seditious,

A mix of onions, lentils and chillies,
You are as mesmerising as the Antilles,

Warming my senses in the Bangalore Monsoons,
You complete my lazy Sunday afternoons,

With an aroma which can make tummies smile,
I can smell you even from a far mile,

I Like you served hot along with chutney,
Oh! I swear you make me gluttony!

Crispy on the outside soft on the inside,
Every bite unravels flavours of the tide,

You taste amazing when had with a soda,
You are as distinct as your name ~ Pakoda!

Be it a cold Winter morning or a humid Monsoon evening, don't we all love to have pakodas?! The foodie in me is a BIG pakoda lover and just can't stop from trying out new pakoda recipes and savouring them along with her family over a good Bollywood movie.

Pakodas look best when served in transparent glassware and the ones from BOROSIL are sure to increase the beauty of this dish! The glassware from BOROSIL makes food look more delectable and simply irresistible!

So next time you eat Pakodas, how about serving them in this platter? Your guests will drool for sure! ;)

This is my fourth post for the 'Beautiful Food' contest by Indiblogger and BOROSIL.

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  1. Wah wah! what a hot and yummy poem. Pakodas are enjoyed a lot this month too.

  2. Actually a hot,spicy&yum piece of poetry

  3. Enjoyed your poem as much as i enjoy pakoda. :)

    P.S. soda and pakoda don't rhyme :P

  4. Yummy yummy post..
    Pakoras and masala chai a perfect combination for a rainy day...!!!
    Good Day ~X(

  5. I have a post about the pakoras cousin from mumbai coming up soon ,
    Enjoyed your salivating poem

  6. Lovely poem...I love hot spicy pakoras in rainy seasons esp.sitting near the window :)


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