Voldemort's Experience with CarConnect.in


There lived a dark wizard named Voldemort. He was feared by every witch and wizard.
He wanted to kill Harry Potter, to make sure his immortality remained undeterred. But as fate had it, Harry potter found the fragments of his soul hidden in different Horcruxes and destroyed him. No one knew the truth but Voldemort was still alive. Harry Potter had not destroyed Voldemort's eighth horcrux - his nose!

Voldemort had hidden his nose under Dumbledore's grave at Hogwarts, the school which he was so fond of. That was what had still kept him alive. Weak, torn, powerless, but alive!

The duel with Harry Potter had taken all the powers from Voldemort. He was very weak and his magic didn't work anymore. Now he was as good as a muggle, and he couldn't even conjure a simple spell!

After the duel, he had been exposed not only to the witches and wizards but also to the muggles. Every person had learnt that a man, or perhaps, the villain named 'Voldemort' had been finally found and murdered. The Ministry of Magic had made sure that the news of the Dark Lord being dead reached the frightened Muggles too.
So, now life for the almost-dead Voldemort had become very hard. He had to live a life hiding from the magical community as well as the ever loathed Muggles! 

He knew the secret to getting back his magical powers lay at Hogwarts, where he had lost seven pieces of his soul and where the eighth fragment of his soul lay hidden. He had to make sure his nose was safe... 

Gone where the days when he could disapparate or use broom sticks to travel. He couldn't even board a bus filled with muggles now!

Everyone is going to pay! Voldemort swore. If only I can get to Hogwarts... But How?!!

As he saw a muggle strode by him in a car, he instantly knew the answer! Yes! This is it! I am going to use a car!

With all his powers gone, robbing a car would be a tough job, so he had to make sure that the car he stole would live up to his needs.

So, Voldemort logged on to the laptop which he had stolen from a nearby muggle household and Googled for a website which would help him choose the best car.

"CarConnect.in" Instantly answered our genius Google Baba. Voldemort immediately created a profile and started searching for the best car which would suit his likes.
He discovered that CarConnect was an instant impresser. Everything was so beautifully organized and effective. Muggles are smart! He remarked.

He read reviews of cars by different muggles and was enthralled to read some real interesting car experiences given in the website. The long drive experiences by different muggles looked so adventurous. Voldemort developed an instant love for cars.

He read reviews for all the new cars in the market using the "New launches" feature at CarConnect and loved the apt information mentioned for each new car.
He finally settled on two cars which he loved after reading some awesome reviews. Now, it was time to compare them both and choose one of them.

He fell in love with the "Compare Cars" feature at CorConnect and swore he would never underestimate a muggle ever again! They have real brains! He complimented.
He quickly entered the details of the cars he wanted to compare and asked them to mail him the comparison.

After going through the comparison, he chose the Ford car.

Something in him, urged him to make friends in the website and he sent out invites to different muggles.
He had fallen in love with CarConnect and after that day, there was no looking back! He made sure to log in to his CarConnect account often and share the ravishing adventures he was having with his new Ford Figo,which he had stolen from a nearby showroom.

He made friends, had long chats with them in the chat room at CarConnect, boasted about his endeavours with his new car and won the Platinum badge, Diamond badge, Gold badge, Silver badge and bronze badge for sharing his enthralling experiences with others.

That was not all!
The thing which brought the real change in Voldemort's life was the "Chat Room" Feature at CarConnect!
Voldemort would spend his leisure time chatting with his new muggle friends, all the time discussing cars, and sometimes life...
The muggle world had suddenly started to appeal Voldemort! They are not so bad. I have been real rude.Was my father like them too?...

He thought of his father, his being a wizard, the innumerable innocent muggles and wizards he had murdered and about Harry Potter... It was like all of it had happened ages ago....in another world!

That was when he decided he was going to quit his dark side and was going to live as a muggle for the rest of his life. My nose will be safe in Dumbledore's grave. I'll let it remain there...

So, after that day, Voldemort started living a normal life and surprisingly, he loved his life now! All thanks to CarConnect.in, he had found a new car, a couple of new friends and of course - a new life!

This is my entry for the contest held by Indiblogger and CarConnect.in

P.S: The sketches in the post are my work and the photoshopped snapshots are from CarConnect.

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  1. haha..nice one..did you really create that Voldemort profile on Carconnect ? :-D :-D

    1. Naah! Photoshopped it :P Thank you Mani :)

  2. What an ingenious connection,
    Hope the judges are potter fans too :)

  3. Interestingly written... loved the Rowling angle and the attention to details.

    Arvind Passey

  4. Seriously, only Bushra could have done that. I hate it but actually i am in awe of you when it comes to promoting a site

    1. Awww! *Puppy face* Thanks a ton Rit :P You always spoil me with your comments :D

  5. Bushraa, Wonder how I never heard about the carconnect-site before...!! Of course, adults have to fight their Muggle tendencies...rofl. A winner post for sure ;)

    Best of luck !!

    1. It's a lovely site maam :) Hehe...Thank you :D

  6. What an amazing way to promote a brand! Seriously, I highly doubt if anyone else (whom I know) has this sort of an imagination to work things up. :)
    Loved this post, Bushra!

    Keep blogging O:)

    1. Hehe... Thanks a ton for reading Varun! :)

  7. Great imagination and such a nice post ! Bushra... you are a winner hands down :D cheers :)

  8. Great post and awesome creativity. I am sure you will win this one :-)

  9. Nicely written..So you are a Potter Maniac..


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