Zenbroom and Me


I was already late for work. 
The RED light flashed on the traffic signal and I put my car to a halt. 
Oh! How I wished I could fly! Sigh!
To pass time, I started browsing for apps in my new Zenfone.
'Download MoboGenie For free' an ad was shown.
I downloaded it.
POP! Came a Genie flashing on my screen
"Greetings! No one could have freed me except for a super smartphone and a true teen!"
I stared at the Genie, beaming at me.
"I grant you one wish. Ask anything you want and it'll be done" He said with glee.
"I want to fly!" I wished what I had wished for before.
POP! came a sound and the Genie vanished leaving a message,
"Put your phone into 'Flight Mode"
 I did it.
My car had shrunk, I felt it inside my pocket.
 My Zenphone had magicked a broomstick out of thin air.
"BEEP.BEEP. Ready for take off" A message flashed on my screen and...
I was flying...
I reached my office within five minutes.
This was incredible! I wish I had wished for something else!
That's when I realized there was nothing better I could have ever wished for!

It had been three weeks since the Genie had granted me the wish and life was already a bed of roses for me. 

What with my Zenfone's incredible super power, travelling had become super easy, fun and let's admit it....life saving too!

The other day, between a hectic traffic caused due to some parade, when I was just about to put my cell phone on the 'Flight Mode', I heard an ambulance's siren. The man inside that ambulance was fighting between life and death, and there was no way that in such a traffic jam the ambulance was going to reach the hospital on time.

That was when I zoomed towards the ambulance in my ZenBroom and flew the patient to the nearest hospital. My joy knew no bounds when I learnt the man had survived.
Guess what happened the other day?! Our Rajni Sir was in town to promote his new film called "Lungi Dance"

I had gone there to take his autograph. The crowd was growing bigger and bigger when suddenly there was a storm and heavy rain started pouring on everybody including Rajnikanth.
While there was a rush in the crowd to take shelter, I calmly put my Zenfone into 'Flight Mode' and flew towards the nearest shelter, safe and sound.

A drenched Rajnikanth asked for help and being a hard core fan,  I coundln't resist. I gave him a lift to his limousine. He rewarded me with his autograph and we both bid goodbye in 'Romba macha' style. As I soared up in the air, ready to take off, Rajni Sir looked up at me enviously. Even his phone could not do what mine could! 
I had always dreamed about a date with Aditya Roy Kapoor, my secret crush.
Now that I was fulfilling all my dreams, I asked my ASUS phone to transform me straight into Aditya Roy Kapoor's office.
When we reached his office, I asked if I could date him to which he happily agreed.
We dated on the moon.
Blessed with the warm welcome of twinkling stars, seated on my ZenBroom, away from the madness of the world!
It was one of the most romantic dates of my life!
This post is inspired by the features of the incredible - ASUS Zenfone!
Why ASUS Zenfone?:
It's the latest impressor in the market with a 5 inch display and HD screen resolution of 1280*720 pixels.
It has an 8MP Pixel master enabled camera which makes it truly stand out among others.The pixel master is a very exciting feature with several modes to click fun images, LED flash light enabled.
My favourite mode is the 'selfie' mode which I being a fashion blogger use often.
What's new about it:
*The sensitive glove touch mode feature which allows you to access your phone even if you are wearing gloves. Cool innit?!!
*The inbuilt apps which improve battery.
*The improved 'reading mode' feature for book lovers
* The best of all - Mirror feature which makes a zenphone a woman's best friend!

Aren't all these features simply incredible? I know of no phone which offers all this at a shocking price of just 9,999 rupees!

This post is written for the contest by Indiblogger and ASUS.

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  1. [ Smiles ] That is one impressive smartphone!

  2. Magic in the air!
    Even I want all Superpowers in my phone, Bushra :)

  3. Lovely drawing and definitely loved the concept of flight mode !

  4. I loved the drawing.You always come up with creative sketches :)


  5. i want this power in my phone!

  6. Great one Bushra..I like that Zenbroom :D ... I want one too :-P

  7. Nice idea with the Flight mode.. :)
    All the best


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