A Twin Tale


Sonal and Rupal were two beautiful identical twin sisters.
When they were born,
 People couldn't believe that they were from the same mother.
While one drank her mother's milk, the other drank bottled milk.
One cried a lot, one preferred silence.
One was right handed, one was left handed.
One was the wallflower, the other an extrovert.

Their looks matched, their likes didn't.
They were same same but different!

As they grew up their differences grew with them.

The only thing which was common in them was shopping - both loved it!

While Sonal was the spoilt rich girl type who spent lavishly,
Rupal was a girl with a heart for savings.
Sonal hated sales, discounts and deals,
Rupal loved them and shopped only when they were available.
Sonal's mindset was 'The higher the price, the better!'
Rupal's was 'The bigger the discount, the better!'

It hurt Rupal to see her sister spend so mindlessly.

 Rupal was smart. She loved what her sister bought and waited for sales and used loads of coupons and deals to buy something better than what Sonal had bought at a better price too.
Sonal always tried her best to buy something which Rupal could never get her hands on.
But every time she failed as Rupal would astonish her with her gorgeous hauls and boast about the big discounts she received on them.

Disputes started arising between the two twins.
Their mother was worried about the growing differences between them.

In a few days the twins would turn into adults.
Every birthday, each would gift the other something special as a reminder of their unbreakable bond.

It was their eighteenth birthday. The girls wanted to make it special.
After a tedious and tiring day spent at the mall, Sonal bought Rupal a beautiful emerald ring.
It was a tedious day but this ring was worth it! Rup will love it for sure!

Rupal searched for her gift online, sitting in the warm comfort of her bed.
She didn't have to ache her legs like Sonal nor worry about shopping bags or travel costs!
Online shopping was so much easy and fun.
Plus, there were hundreds of coupons and deals her favorite coupons website offered which she could use.
It was a boon all the way!

On THE day, both gifted each other the surprises each had packed for the other.
Sonal opened her's to find a familiar ring
Rupal opened her's and thought she had received the wrong gift by mistake.
Both had gifted each other the same ring.

The tearful twins hugged each other and realized how same to same they actually were.
The stories the world told about their difference was a lie!

"The ring costed pretty expensive for me at the mall" Said Sonal.
"Well. Isn't that the exact reason I ask you to shop online Sonu?!" Rupal grinned at her sister.

Rupal had used an amazing deal from her favourite coupon website's Jabong coupons and had got a bargain of flat 40% off on the same ring which Sonal had bought for full price from the mall.

"Oh! I could have bought lots of cakes and chocolates for you in that discount amount! My bad!" Sonal was upset.
"Cheer up Sissy! It's never too late. You can shop online and get discounts from now on" said Rupal.
"Now come on, let's cut the cake and celebrate before the candles drown out!" continued Rupal.
"Wait a minute! You ordered this cake online right? You got discounts for this too?" quizzed a perplexed Sonal.
"Yes dear. CupoNation has coupons and deals for pretty much everything!" winked Rupal. 

....and that was how Online shopping, Coupons and Deals bonded the two twins. :)

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  1. Such a sweet post ! I love the creative way you wrote to bring out the bond between sisters using the best thing we women love - shopping ;) Not just those two twins but even I use CupoNation while I shop :) Its always better to shop when there are discounts :D

    1. Thanks a ton ;) :D Yes, isn't it a lovely website for coupons! :)

  2. this post made my awwww going biggger and biggeerrr... you, baby are blessed with so much creativity... to think of such beautiful concepts for online shopping is something only you are capable of.
    I always lvoe twins. I wish I and my sister were twins.. we do look very similar but there is something different about being a twin.. lots of love to you

    1. Now I am awwwwing at your aww comment! :D Thankoo Shrut! I love twins too :P :D

  3. Cool post! Nice and innovative way in which marketing can be done. Though I never buy or book anything online Loved your post!!

    1. You should try online shopping you know. It's fun :D You can start with Flipkart, you won't be disappointed! :) Thank you!

  4. I need to meet these girls.
    Very Creatively written :)

  5. Pretty interesting write-up Bushra :)

  6. Interesting article..Thanks for sharing..To Know More Details Click here


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