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I am an ardent cook who loves to experiment with different recipes from all over the world and given my niche in designing, I like serving my food beautifully.

I have tried nearly all kinds of serveware but nothing clicked for me as much as the lovely, transparent serveware from Borosil did.

Here are some pictures which confirm the same:

Plain rice served in Borosil with a dash of creativity:
I might not be a big fan of 'Angry Birds' game but the idea of making them using eggs sounded just so irresistible!

I guess my birdies don't look remotely angry though, the left one looks like it's pouting for the camera and the right side one looks like its bored and drowsy :P #RandomThoughts

I boiled the eggs in the Borosil pot shown below. This is a 100% flame induce-able, cute looking transparent pot and I must admit that I was mighty curious as I was cooking in a glass pot for the first time. So when it passed my little experiment without shattering in the flames and giving me a bad day, I was impressed!
 The same pot can be microwaved too. The other serve ware from Borosil(shown below) are all microwave safe and that round bowl and box bowl can be refrigerated.

It's impressive how beautiful the serve ware from Borosil makes food look. The see through glassware showcases all colors of the food inside making it look like an eye candy.
Look how beautiful the otherwise plain rice looks in the above see through serveware from Borosil. Each grain of rice is clearly visible
That is mutton gravy. It tastes delicious with plain rice. 
...and now for the real treat- Chicken kababs! ^_^ 
I made Gulab Jamuns for desert.
Some watermelon juice after a good dinner sounds great. What say?!
To sum up, I am totally in love with the serveware(which is part cookware) from Borosil and totally recommend it to you all!

Stay beautiful, serve beautiful,

This is my post for the Round 2 of the #BeautifulFood contest at Indiblogger sponsored by Borosil.

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  1. Wow Bushra! Didn't know this side of u! The pics look lovely and the angry birds look soooo cute!

  2. Aww the little babies are super cute, I hope you didnt eat them :p

  3. Yummy ! The cutie birds love *.*

  4. those angry birds look so cute. nice idea :)

  5. You are too creative ... I like the work you did with boiled eggs.


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