Look What I Bought ~ Fostello Elite Handbag!


If you are following me on Instagram, you might already know that I bought a new bag from FabFurnish.com today.

A lot of drama went behind me buying this bag. Let me make it short for you:

I bought a bag from FabFurnish but this was not the one
They sent me a wrong product
When I received this one I liked it more than what I was going to buy
When I informed them about the mishap and that I wanted to keep this bag,
They refunded the difference amount and Tada!
I am posting pictures here with loads of grins *wink* *Wink*
I have this crave to try out new brands and Fostello Elite sounded like a good go and I must say I am impressed!

First things first, I have LOADS of pinks in my wardrobe and what I had ordered for was a version of pink too(magenta) so this bag came as a welcome. I liked its dusty black color which made me realize it was time I experimented with colors other than pink!
There was a sale going on at FabFunish so the price of this bag was a steal too!

So I guess sometimes, online shopping mishaps are allowed! ;)

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