Love at first sight


My heart leapt, skipping a beat
Any moment we were meant to meet

As it was destined, I lost my balance and tripped,
You caught me in time, as my books slipped

I took in your svelting charm and eyes warm grey
I swear that day you took my breath away

I never believed in destiny until I met you,
You made me realize 'Love at first sight' was true

Your touch was electrifying and your looks a toast
It was your smile which consumed me the most

If you would have held me any longer, oh boy!
I swear I would have died out of excessive joy!

I remember how your eyes had searched for mine,
No doubt that day was truly divine.

It was destiny then, it's destiny now,
I often look at you and wonder how

Through the years our love just grew,
Oh! How much I love you, you have no clue,
You just have no clue!


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  1. Wow kitni pyaari poem hai Bush <3 mujhe bhi love atirst sight hua tha :)

  2. Oh he seriously has no clue. I am all mush now...awwwwwwwwwww! :)

  3. beautiful capture of emotions :)

  4. It was sweet and beautiful and peppy too. Good one :)

  5. Awww That was sweet!! Though I never had this "Love at first sight" but your poem makes me feel what if...

  6. romantic :) wow and I loved the rhyming too :)


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