Platform Number Paanch


I was running... 

It was a breezy day and the station was over crowded with passengers hurrying to their respective platforms. 

I had just started towards my platform when I heard the speaker announce "Mumbai se Dilli jane wali Dilli express platform number paanch par aachuki hai!" I increased my pace, a little falter in my steps and I would miss my train.

There, I saw the train, smoking blue on platform number five, whistling and threatening to leave me any moment. Just when I thought I had caught it, you came in my life and I caught my breath.

I dashed you,
You lost your balance,
I caught you in time,
As you lay in my arms,
Our eyes met.

Those hazel brown eyes, mahagony hair and strawberry lips stirred up my whole being. I couldn't take my eyes off you.

...and I missed my train.

It's been twenty years since that day. Today, I am sitting on the same platform waiting to receive our daughter.

The loud honking signalling the train's arrival drives me back to the present. I get up from my seat and start searching. A soft hand clutches my shoulder from the back and I know its her.

"Papa!" She says hugging me with joy.

"Wish you a very prosperous seventeenth birthday beta. Welcome home!" I say, as a tear trickles down my eyes.

"Thank you Pa!" she says giving me her best smile. I look at her for a whole minute and marvel for the hundredth time about how exactly she looks like you.

I don't mention it to her, I know she will breakdown if I remind her about you... or your death.

We are about to take a turn when she suddenly stops, staring at the board reading "Platform number Five" 

"Dad! This is the same platform where you met Mom right?" She asks me with a sad smile on her face.

"Yes dear. This is the one" 

...and we leave the station, the wonderful memories you gave us running in our minds.

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  1. Touching! Simple and sweet! Love always remains, wonderful memories they are :)

  2. Kya Baat Kya baat, bahot khoobsurat andaz hai.

  3. "Aweeee"
    I hate putting comments like that but it came naturally !

  4. Touching one but such a beautiful father-daughter relationship... :-)


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