Reality Check!


She kissed a toad, the poor thing which lay beside the well,
It turned into a handsome Prince, she had broken the spell.

She stared amused, enjoying the lovely breeze
Kissing her hand the Prince went down his knees

"Senorita` Marry me won't you?" The Prince proposed
"I Love you!" The three magical words he enclosed

She hugged him tight as tears of joy trickled down her eyes,
Now her life was a perfect fairytale, she thanked the skies

It was her wedding, she wore her favorite Cinderella gown,
The prince looked suave in his groom suit and shiny crown

They were merrily dancing when she met the unspoken
Her heel broke, she tripped and the dream was broken...

There was no Prince, no toad she could kiss, it was dawn
She was back to reality, everything was gone, 

How she wished that dream would turn into a reality,
"That would never happen" She reminded herself with finality

She should have never been so naive, she should have never dreamed
She clutched her wheelchair, struggled to move and screamed

There was no hope, let alone a fairytale or a tomorrow
A tear trickled down her eye, except this time it was of sorrow

She looked down at her lifeless legs, and was struck by a thought
"Perhaps life was meant to be this way for me, I was meant to rot"

Just then her eyes fell on a man in another room of the infirmary,
He couldn't walk, talk, hear, he was blind,he also suffered loss of memory,

Thanking the heavens, she drained all her worries down the stream
Then heaved a sigh of relief and exclaimed "Oh! atleast I can dream!"

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  1. Touching one, Bushra. Very nicely expressed. Fairy Tale to Reality...
    Thank God for dreams! Grateful :)

    1. Thank you Anita and yes, Thank God we can dream :D

  2. Cool and simple woven with a story

  3. Beautiful Bushra, simply immaculate the way you have made all of us realize that whatever God has given us there is someone elsewhere in a worse state and for which we should also see what we have instead of just seeing what we do not have.

    I was delighted to read your poem. Keep it up.

    1. I am glad you felt it was worth a read. Thanks a ton Anupam :)

  4. THIS WAS AMAZING...I mean it!!!
    Our problems are only our problems. The world and others have their own.
    Perfect take!

  5. Than God we Dream!! A very touching poem, loved it!

  6. such a touching poem Bush. U r a pro <3

  7. [ Smiles ] A striking combination of romanticism and beauty!

  8. It was a really touching one. And the words woven so beautifully together. Truly a motivational reality check! :)

  9. That's giving the fairy kiss to oneself: changing one's attitudes. Good moral. Good verse.

  10. Wow.. simple yet effective.. very well put Bushra..

  11. so amazing just wow .. so good to see you writing full post after so many days :)


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