Vengeance She Vowed


It was the happiest day of her life. At Nineteen, an epitome of smouldering beauty, the only daughter to Prince Charles the Junior, Maria was the princess of Spain. She had everything a girl would ever desire except for the love of the man she truly loved. But that void didn't last for long as Lucas Lawrence confessed his love to her. She thought she was going to die out of joy.

"I love you. Please marry me Senorita`" Lucas proposed to her.

Maria was speechless. She absorbed the picture of the man who was on his knees, kneeling and asking for her hand. This was everything she had wished for.

"Yes! Oh yes!" she spoke at last as tears of joy poured down her luminous blue eyes.

The whole world celebrated as Lucas Lawrence was crowned the new Prince of Spain with his new bride Maria oh his side. The wedding was the biggest controversy around the whole world as this was the first time a soldier from the Spanish army had been crowned as the new King.

Half of Spain was convinced that Lucas Lawrence was a gold digger and that the reason he married Maria was that she was a Princess, the only daughter of Prince Charles Junior, a woman whom any man would marry because of her wealth and her title.

But when they saw the couple at the wedding, so much in love, they were proven wrong.

Maria was dressing up in her fairy gown when she heard someone enter the room.
"I am sorry Marai my dear" She turned abruptly. It was her father.

"Dad..." She knew he was still not happy with this marriage.

"I am really sorry. I... I thought... he was using you. That's the reason I never agreed for this wedding before. But I guess I was wrong... Just forgive me oh dear..!" and he fell on the floor, shaking and catching his heart. H e died on her wedding day.

Forgive... FORGIVE.. NO... NEVER!

Maria woke up with a jolt clutching her battered bedside, sweating and panting. 'Calm down Maria it was just a dream' Maria said to herself but NO... That wasn't true. It was NOT a dream. It was the dark was just a flashback. 'But it was partly a lie. I am not beautiful!' Atleast not in his eyes!

As she looked at the iron bars of her jail room, the truth came back to her and it was bitter. Very bitter. Everything she had dreamt was a flashback, a memory of what had happened three years ago. Yes. Everything was true except for the bitter fact that she wasn't beautiful...

The word 'FORGIVE' had woken her up. She knew she could never forgive that man. She wanted revenge. No, she was not talking about her father. It was Lucas...yes, she wanted to avenge Lucas Lawrence. She wanted to punish him so cruelly that he would beg for her forgiveness and rot in hell for centuries to come.

"Oh father! I wish I had listened to you!"...and the tears started looming out of her eyes.

Three years ago:

Her father's death had come as a shock to her. The whole world would miss him. There was a sudden void in her life but she was glad that she at least had Lucas by her side now....forever.

The cremation took place the day after her wedding. Important people from all around the world came to Prince Charles's funeral. All of them said the same thing "Prince Charles was lucky to witness his daughter's wedding before his death and he had crowned a new Prince, an heir too" Only if they knew the truth.

"Luc. Where are we heading to?" Maria asked Lucas for what seemed the hundredth time. They were in their Private jet. It had been a week since her father's death and their wedding.

"Lucas! Why aren't you answering me?" Maria questioned again, wondering what on earth had got into Lucas who was busy with his cellphone, texting she assumed.


"Shut up will you!" Lucas cut her mid sentence.

Maria stared at the man who suddenly looked like a stranger to her.

"What on earth has got into you Luc! Why... I am your"

"Bride? Hahah... hahhaahhaa!" Lucas finally looked at her and laughed.

"You a bride? Get out of your fairytale bitch! I married you for my reasons and now I have got them! Now, I would appreciate it if you could just shut your ugly mouth and live under my shoes for the rest of your life, thanking me for marrying a shit like you!"

Every word was like a stab with a sharp knife on her already sorrow filled heart. Her world had suddenly turned upside down. So what the world warned me about was true!

"What did you think? I really loved you? Haha! Holy shit! Did you look at your face in the mirror?! ...and because we are dying to know where we are heading, let me tell you that we are heading to my honeymoon destination. Now don't start dreaming bitch, when I say my honeymoon, I mean me and my mistress not you, you ugly witch!"

"I...I want a divorce..." were the only words she could spell out.

"Sure my ugly duckling! But only after six months as the damn law states. I must say your father was a fool to transfer all your fortune to my name before he died. Haha!

When the jet landed, Marai got out of her seat and ran towards the opening. She didn't want to be with this monster even for another second.

"Hey! Wait you ugly!" Lucas called out to her. "You forgot something. Why don't you take back your engagement ring. You can sell it and pay your future bills. Haha!"

"Yes. You are right, I forgot something" Maria mouthed, getting closer to Lucas and kicking him in his shins with all her might. Then she ran away, ran away from the monster she once loved, his agonizing shouts vibrating in her ears.

From that day, revenge had been the only thing on her mind.

She looked around and saw that her other two cellmates were fast asleep. Then she looked at the threatening, solid iron barred doors of her cell unable to sink in the realization even after three years that she was in a jail - The central Spanish penitentiary for women.

The scars and cuts on her hands caused due to excessive jail labour were visible even in the feeble moonlight from the tiny barred window. She slowly curled up her right hand and let out a gasp when blood oozed out of her cuts.  She ran to the solid wall of her cell and scribbled something on it with her blood.


As she stared at the word she had scribbled, vengeance she vowed!


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  1. Hope she gets that! :) and finds the right one too she could place her trust and faith again in :)

  2. Wow i loved how she kicked him. You sure are an awesome writer Seno!

  3. Very nice story! Is there a part 2 coming....would really look forward to read that too. Very well written.

    1. Well...If you promise your sweet visit to this blog again, then I'll surely write a suel! ;) Thank you for the visit Shweta! :)

  4. [ Smiles ] A wonderful story, my friend.

  5. I am eager to know what happens next. Write a sequel.


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