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[Chapter 2]

Tara sobbed helplessly as her terrified eyes took in her husband's murderous rage. She feared for the safety of her newborn daughter. He hates her! But why won't he? She thought and promised herself I will never let him know the truth. Her eyes sought the baby girl who was crying helplessly inside the cradle. She quickly reached for her, cradled her against her breast, singing a wordless melody and nursed her until the infant felt asleep, her soft body against her breast and a guileless innocent smile on her rosebud mouth.

"Roohi! That's what I'll call you!" she said, smiling at  the little girl in her arms.

Tara kissed her lovingly and took in her features, getting a closer look at her.  Her face was round, she had strawberry lips, a V-shaped chin and her heart stopped beating for a moment.  The baby opened her piercing blue eyes and stared at her mother. Those brilliant blue eyes reminded Tara of someone.... No! I should not think about him!

It had taken two burly security guards and a nurse to pull the baby out of Shekhar's clutches and push him out of the hospital room.

Once Shekhar was thrown out of the room, he walked out of the hospital aimlessly, unaware of his destination, absorbed in his own thoughts. God has cheated me! He thought. A baby boy was all I had asked for, how could he curse me with a girl, a creature I have always loathed. He looked at his surroundings and realized that he had reached the Church street. Night was falling and the narrow street looked deserted except for a flock of pigeons racketing and getting ready to fly back to the comfort of their homes. He heard laughter and he knew it was a girl.
His anger doubled as he turned and saw a beautiful small girl playing and talking to one of the pigeons from the flock. She was feeding it pieces from the large piece of bread she was holding in her small right hand. Suddenly, his frown vanished and was replaced by a crooked smile, vicious and deadly.

Next morning when Tara started reading the newspaper which the Nurse had willingly brought her, her eyes were filled with shock. The headlines read:

Nine year old girl brutally murdered on Church street. Found lying on the deserted street along with a dead Pigeon and a piece of bread.

Tara read the whole article with a numb feeling then casually summarized the other news sections. She found what she was looking for on the third page. Her article had finally been published. At the end of the article was a small mention of her pregnancy and wishes from her whole crew. She smiled and closed the newspaper and looked up as a disheveled Shekhar entered the room and sat beside her.  He looked as though he had not gone home for the night.

"Roohi is the name I have kept for her. You like it?" She asked Shekhar, her tone anxious, the anger he had displayed the night before fresh on her mind.  Shekhar, whose eyes were now on the baby who was fast asleep inside the cradle laughed, it was a strange ugly laugh. With a twisted smile on his face, he said, "I love it!"
It would do for now, Tara thought with a sigh.  Her eyes dropped back to the newspaper she was still clutching and her heart stopped beating. At the back of the newspaper was a big picture of a man with piercing blue eyes.
4th April: Kochi, Kerala

Jennifer stood in front of  the large mirror of her dressing table, a smirk playing on her black lips. Her figure was not that bad but thanks to the disgusting, dirty, extra large shirt and stained, torn shorts she was wearing, all the little curves she had were discreetly hidden. Her short sleeve revealed a tattoo on her right hand.

God! I have done a great job! Jennifer laughed looking at her hair which resembled a crow's nest. It had taken one whole hour to dishevel them and tie them into a nasty nest like bun. I think I need more Kohl! and she  dabbed what was left of the tiny kohl box on her already horrific looking black eyes. Her eyes contrasted well with her black lips to give her a vampish look. She opened the black lipstick and dabbed it once again on her lips. "Now for the final touch!" She said, picking up the humongous pair of spectacles she had sneaked in from her Grandma's suite and wearing them. Touche`!

James Gorilla or Kurivilla, whatever your name is, you are in for a real surprise! Thought Jennifer as she picked up her camera and sneaked out of the house wearing the most disgusting pair of battered sneakers she owned, scaring the life out of a stray dog who had wandered in her veranda. My! My! It works! A satisfied smile lit her face.

It was all her father's fault! He was the one who had asked Jennifer to meet James Kurivilla, a supposed Malayali engineer and impress him to marry her. How naive! Jennifer thought. She remembered how she had protested.

"But I am still busy with shaping my career Dad. For God's sake, will you drop this marriage thing!" Jennifer was hysterical.

"So what Molu! I am sure James is comfortable with your career choices and it's nothing like we are marrying you off straightaway! Just meet him. He's an amazing guy." No one could budge Joshua Joseph. Not even his stubborn daughter!

"But---" Jennifer had started saying  but only to be cut by her father. "You are meeting him once and that's final. Don't argue with me anymore Jenny! He'll meet you tomorrow in La Cafe` and please don't carry your camera there and wear something sensible" Her father had bellowed.

Sensible! Yes Dad I am wearing just that! Jennifer laughed as she parked her Vespa in the Cafe's parking lot. After a final look in the rear view mirror, she clutched her Camera closer and headed towards the entrance of the lavish La Cafe` searching for table number four.

A short man with a U-shaped chin, Box face, black eyes with a muscle-less build and tiny, pungent appearance was seated on table number four. He was wearing a tailored suit which spoke wealth and Jennifer noticed that he was wearing gold rings which could weigh more than his whole body. If it was not for those rings, he would fly away with the wind Jennifer sniggered reaching the table.

James Kurivilla looked up as Jennifer took the seat opposite to him, her black lips forming a warm 'Hi'.

"Err...sorry... actually I am expecting somebody. Can you take another seat? This seat is booked lady" He said the last word as if he doubted the last part. It was clear from his expression that he was irritated.

"I said 'Hi'. Jennifer Joseph. I am the one you are waiting for" God this is fun! Jennifer remarked as she saw his expression change into a shocked one. Yay! Jenny you nailed it!

"Oh! Umm..glad to meet you Jennifer. You... err...look beautiful...." James was saying but Jennifer was not listening. Her eyes were fixed on the gorgeous man who had just entered the Cafe`. Oh my God! I am in love! she gasped as her heart skipped several beats. The man was breathtakingly handsome with sexy curly hair, fair skin, stern suave face and a macho beard on his chin. He had intelligent blue eyes hidden behind big trendy glasses. Something about the way he carried himself  and the way his perfect build was shown through his see through shirt was fiercely attractive. Jennifer was too busy gawking at him to notice that he was approaching their table.
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  1. Haha loved "James Gorilla or Kurivilla" :P, Jenny is spunky.
    Nicely written girl, dark and light both shades beautifully balanced.
    Go The spellbinders!!

  2. Love reading the second part of the story or which I am going to be a part of. Wow!

  3. Jennifer seems to be a real free spirit! :-)
    What a great buildup to the story you are providing Bushra!

  4. I wonder who is the blue-eyed guy :)
    amazing post!


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