Dilwali Diwali with Family


Sunlight weakly cut through the dense clouds, illuminating everything in its wake on the land below. Standing in the balcony of my apartment, with the sweet breeze caressing my cheeks and playing with my damp hair, I stared at the lovely sight of the sunrise before me.

I was engrossed in the beauty of nature, too naive to prepare for what was coming. I closed my eyes, a smile lingering on my face....that's when I heard it!


I yelped, covering my ears in time and preventing them from the wrath of deafness. My first instinct was "Oh-my-God! A nuclear bomb!."

Gathering myself  back and finally allowing my brains to connect to my heart, it doomed to me that it wasn't a bomb... okay, let's say it was a bomb but not the one I thought it was! Err?!

Trying my best  to get back my lungs to obey me and stop jumping up and down that badly, I started looking left and right on the road below for the source of the noise.

Standing a few blocks away from my apartment was a small group of kids hooting excitedly and getting ready to blow off another bomb with the little incense sticks they held in their hands.

Realization doomed on me - Gosh! It was Diwali time.

Just the thought brought a cheerful nostalgic smile on my face and before I knew it, I was hooting along with the youngsters, clapping my hands when the next bomb went off.

Life was so busy and not to mention 'boring' now. A job which would take me far away from my family and friends was not really my cup of tea but sadly, given the limited options I had as a fashion designer, I had no choice.

It had been a year since I had come here to Mumbai to put my fashion designing skills into action. I had already missed so many weddings, festivals and quality time with my family.

Now here it was, the one that hurt missing the most - Diwali!

I brought my morning tea to my balcony, sitting on my comfortable bean bag, my eyes not leaving the sight of the children lighting crackers below.

Now they had stopped bursting nerve-wrecking bombs and had started lighting flower pots and Chakras. My favorites! I sighed. As the cracker started flowering and showering the already lit ground with brighter light, I started reliving my own memories as a kid.

Ah! The happier times...

For others it was simply 'Diwali' for me and my brother, it was 'Dilwali'. It was our love, our happiness, our freedom to do naughty things without being told off! :)

If Diwali was in October, the celebrations would start by the end of August, two months prior to the actual day.

The first crackers we would ever buy were the tiny rolled ones which were used in cracker guns. We wouldn't wait for Mom to buy us guns, which she obviously wouldn't saying there were still two months left for Diwali and we would get distracted. Instead, we would buy the rolls out of our pocket money and start punching the lives out of them using stones.

Pat! Pat! Chit! Pit! Phat! ~ It was music to our ears!

When there was a month left, our frantic tantrums and crocodile tears would have already earned us each a cracker-gun and our little experiments would have started.

In the Bomb area, the small red cracker bombs were my favorite. They were loud enough but not as loud as atom bombs which literally hammered your ears.

The most exciting experiments took place during the Dussehra holidays, when our chaddi buddies(neighborhood friends)would also join us. Challenges involving us to participate in different assigned experiments would be held. Lighting the Laxmi bomb or red bomb in your hand and throwing it away as soon as it lit, lighting five or ten bombs at a time by connecting them, etc. were to name some.

The real fun started one week prior to Diwali. As majority of people would have already started lighting crackers, our guns in hand, we would go in groups to all places nearby where crackers were being lit. The joy was inevitable and it only multiplied when the generous neighbors would lend us some crackers just to get rid of us hollering over that place and haunting them until they gave us some. :P

 Lighting crackers is fun but did you know how much more the 'fun factor' multiplied into when they were for FREE?! :P

Come the real Diwali, our joy knew no bound! We would trot around the whole colony acting like strays, not caring of one thing in the world, lighting crackers of every kind and shape. We would make sure all the streets were littered with burnt paper and gun powder, for once not caring to follow rules.

Night time was a different swarm of joy altogether. Our whole team would gather on the highest building in our colony and we would sit gaping at the sky as the stunning show of different colored rockets went live. It was like the stars had escaped from space and were falling on Earth, bestowing it with their love and light.

The new clothes, sweets and other savories another reason why Diwali rocked for us. It was a complete package of joy! The boondi laddoos would melt in our mouths, making us crave for more.

The whole family would have a great time gifting each other, bursting crackers together and having fun.

When Diwali was over, our festivities would still continue. You will laugh if I tell you this! I think it's the most experimental and exciting part of my life! :D Me, my brother and a group of friends would roam around the whole colony picking up used crackers which looked like they still had some gunpowder in them. Yes! You read it right! We would literally 'pick up' the used crackers lying on streets like rag pickers and collect them :D

What would we do with those used/puss crackers you ask? We would rip them off their clothes(ehem. Figure of speech :P) and empty their still intact contents/Gunpowder into a heap.

When the gunpowder accumulated would reach a desirable extent, we would wait for night and have mini party burning the heap of gunpowder and hooting excitedly as it hissed like a snake and burnt out. Oh the joy!

So much and more... :)

Check out the amazing TVC below to get nostalgic all over again! :)
How did you celebrate Diwali as a kid? Do you miss #GharwaliDiwali too? Do share! :)

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