Garnier BB cream review


I sat up like I had just been punched, this was not good! 
The alarm clock showed that I had put it into 'snooze later' mode thrice which meant that I was royally screwed!

I was going to be late for work. Too late actually! Gosh.... and today was such an important day!

I rushed to the bathroom, practically throwing the alarm clock, luckily it landed on the bed. By the time I got out of my shower, I was impressed with myself. I had managed to get a shower and dress myself up all within the span of ten minutes but I was still late! Grabbing an apple and shoving it into my mouth, I hurried to pack my bag and all the important files i needed for today's presentation.

The multi-tasking had just started to consume me when suddenly I heard a car horn. My office vehicle was here! Oh no! Oh no!

My misery increased when I glanced at the mirror and realized I hadn't done my hair nor had i applied any makeup on. It was an important day and I was starting it looking like a not-so-social-not-to-mention-messy-haired-me! Not fair!

I quickly did a swift bun, reaching to my makeup kit. That was when my hands fell on the Garnier BB cream and I quickly applied it without hesitation and ran out the door with a last glance at the mirror.

WOW! Was my reaction. The BB cream had done a very good job. It had done the work of my moisturizer-toner-foundation-highlighter all in one! That's when I realized that it was THE cream for me!

As I entered the van, I blushed. My colleague was stared at me before he mouthed "Good morning beautiful lady! You are glowing today!" My heart did a mini dance....

I am a big fan of foundations, can't have enough of them! But the only thing which keeps me from wearing them on a regular basis is the fact that they are not very to moisturizing and tend to break my sensitive skin. Hence I use them only on special occasions and at times when I feel the need for a makeup-mood lift.

Since the day I came across the Garnier BB cream, my daily routine has changed!

BB cream or beauty balms, are the current rage in the market. They are a blessing to girls who are fans of tinted moisturizers.

My experience with the Garnier BB cream:

The best thing I loved about this BB cream was its moisturizing factor which is very rare in liquid foundations. It doesn't dry out my skin, instead it smooths it and gives it a soft feeling.

This BB cream has an SPF 24, with UVA/UVB protection to protect you from the sun without the need of applying a separate sunscreen. I like how it plays the all rounder.

The pros:
*Gives you glowing skin
*Gives your skin protection with SPF24
*Evens out your complexion with medium coverage
*Doesn't feel heavy on your skin
*Non greasy
*Love the mild fragrance!
*Suits all skin tones
*Easily blends

The Cons:
Didn't find any except for the fact that the coverage is medium. Could have been a little more.

I wish they made these BB creams back in my college days. It's perfect for college going girls! Just gives your skin the right coverage without the hassles of makeup.

I love Garnier BB cream. What about you? Have you tried it? Do share! :)

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  1. Awww such a cute post. I too cant get enough of foundations :) Glad it suited you :)

  2. I tried a CC cream recently and I have heard about a DD cream as well! Gawd! these are a bit confusing but i think this one is worth buying :)

  3. Look at this B Garnier, not liked, not cover anything and still leaves my skin with pimples, and when we're late, the alarm makes the right villain? hahaha
    Flower has new post "Shopping on site Miniinthebox" could visit me? and also whenever you post again warns me whenever I come to see.


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